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The Ethics Centre and Bard College hosted a day-long forum on pressing public policy issues titled 'Shades of Red and Blue.' During this one-hour portion,…... [Read More]
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California lawmakers have killed a bill that aimed to teach high school students to spot fake news. [Read More]
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District police will take runaways to a "safe zone" shelter, not back home. [Read More]
We at the ACLU are often criticized for our unyielding defense of free speech rights. Even our closest allies complain when we defend the free... [Read More]
California lawmakers have killed a bill that aimed to teach high school students to spot fake news. The bill died in the Assembly Appropriations Committee... [Read More]
a time to celebrate American veterans, get families together, and, as per all large familial gatherings, argue about politics. With more politics to argue about... [Read More]
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The December 2015 speech in Mount Pleasant, N.Y. was just a preview of things to come. Since Trump's election, the attacks on reporters have... [Read More]
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A tasteless hoax on several blogs says the 8-year-old son of U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., was found dead in a garbage bin in Washington.... [Read More]
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President Donald Trump continued his attack on the media in a new "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey." In an email over the President's name, the Republican... [Read More]
A conspiracy theory that said former FBI director James Comey was covering up the source of leaked Democratic National Committee emails for Hillary Clinton is... [Read More]