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One regulation might have saved 10 lives in Santa Fe, Texas. This one regulation could save the lives of many each year: Require all gun... [Read More]
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's meetings on school violence and safety promised to wade into the thorny issue of gun control with the next round, even... [Read More]
Authorities say a Mississippi high school student showed up to school with weapons in his backpack and a gun in his waistband. Harrison County Sheriff... [Read More]
The body of a 17-year-old Pakistani exchange student killed in a mass shooting at a high school in Texas arrived before dawn Wednesday in the... [Read More]
Guns were stolen during a break-in at Mason gun store early Wednesday, police said. [Read More]
Students and teachers suffered the agony of a school shooting near Galveston, Texas... [Read More]
Commentary: Gun deaths in America is all about access to them. In Japan, with about ½ our population, they average a total of 10-gun homicides... [Read More]
After the passion of March for Our Lives, some groups see the best hope for legislative success in states such as Washington and Oregon... [Read More]
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's meetings on school violence and safety have promised to wade into the thorny issue of gun control with the next round.... [Read More]
It would expand California's red flag law of who could request guns be taken away to include school personnel, employers and co-workers. [Read More]
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson defeated a gun range owner who had challenged him from the right in the state's Republican primary Tuesday, while a state... [Read More]
Candidates for Nevada's 4th Congressional District shared their views on gun control and health care, and several opened up about being sexually harassed and losing... [Read More]
Santa Fe, Parkland, and Columbine are all connected by one thing, the murderous acts of privileged white domestic terrorists. In order to understand why gun... [Read More]
State laws that mandate universal background checks for buying guns and ammunition may save young lives, suggests new research presented this week at the annual... [Read More]
Supporters of legislation that would allow for the temporary removal of firearms from people who are considered a risk to themselves or others say it... [Read More]
Two teenagers are being charged as adults for holding up a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint with a bb gun replica of an assault rifle.... [Read More]
When Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for a presidential and parliamentary election June 24 – jumping the gun by more than a year –... [Read More]
One telling detail keeps escaping the men and women of words who would end school shootings by one expedient or another: gun control, better security,... [Read More]
Gun-rights activists are moving to defeat passage of a revised "red flag" gun bill scheduled for a House vote today on Beacon Hill. The "extreme-risk"... [Read More]
A Dorchester man who allegedly shot another man in the head from the back of a scooter was held on $250,000 bail yesterday and had... [Read More]