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"President Trump promised to be a friend to America's gun owners, and these proposed rules show him making good on that pledge" [Read More]
When Andrew Rencich wanted to show his support for Donald Trump, he built a custom "Make America Great Again" AR-15 rifle and painted it red,... [Read More]
The Texas hero who helped stop the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs and became the golden child of gun rights activists said people need to... [Read More]
I respond to the Tuesday column "Silent gun owners let NRA be their voice" by Theodore Decker, as well as the letters "Incident doesn't fit... [Read More]
Mayor Jenny Durkan is proposing new Seattle gun control legislation to tighten regulations around safe storage of firearms. It will also penalize gun owners who... [Read More]
Seattle's mayor on Thursday unveiled a proposal to fine gun owners $500 to $10,000 for failing to lock up their firearms. [Read More]
The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts is pledging to fight the proposed "extreme risk" gun bill as it heads to the Senate after overwhelmingly... [Read More]
Re "Gun owners must get serious about safety": As a longtime gun owner, let me assure you that your editorial position is unworkable. You cite... [Read More]
Under the legislation sent by Mayor Jenny Durkan to the City Council, Seattle would penalize gun owners up to $10,000 for allowing their firearms to... [Read More]
A deadly shooting at the Santa Fe High School in Texas last Friday has once again propelled the gun-control debate into the national limelight. ... [Read More]
'Valuable ally for gun owners and sportsmen'... [Read More]
Several rural Illinois counties have taken a stand for gun rights by passing resolutions declaring themselves to be sanctuary counties for gun owners. [Read More]
A controversial "Stand Your Ground" law that would make it easier for licensed gun owners to use lethal force in self-defense and could make it... [Read More]
One regulation might have saved 10 lives in Santa Fe, Texas. This one regulation could save the lives of many each year: Require all gun... [Read More]
The long-awaited and controversial "stand your ground" law that expands the instances in which licensed gun owners can use lethal force in self-defense won approval... [Read More]
The bill would expand the list of those who can petition to take away firearms beyond family, roommates and police. [Read More]
To prevent suicide and cut violent crime with stolen guns, gun owners need to unload and lock up their weapons at home. [Read More]

Soon after the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting, journalists and celebrities attacked those who they believe were the true culprits in the tragedy: Law-abiding gun... [Read More]

A national survey conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that gun owners and non-gun owners largely agree on gun control policies. [Read More]
Tuesday, Carlos Amezcua interviewed Michael Schwartz, Executive Director of San Diego County Gun Owners, about the upcoming Gun Show in Del Mar and its opposition.... [Read More]