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The holidays are over and people are staring down big credit card bills. And when they get out of control, debt collectors come calling. Here's... [Read More]
Transportation experts estimate 107 million Americans took the annual trek over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house. They opted out of the... [Read More]
At this time of year, many people take up a renewed approach to their fitness regime. After the holidays, some are happy just to be... [Read More]
I'd like to say it was a hard choice to jet off to an island paradise a deux — but I'd be lying. The occasion... [Read More]
Event: SoRelle Fitzgerald was hostess for a get-together during the holidays. She cooked all of her menu items,... [Read More]
The Americans traditionally honored during national holidays this month and next exemplify the leadership and set the example that make our nation so great. As... [Read More]
Whether it's an old item replaced by a new present or a gift that no one wanted to begin with, many find themselves with excess... [Read More]
When the temperature in New York plunged, so did revenue at Tanya Lim's dog-walking service.Many of Lim's clients were among the people who decided to... [Read More]
Plenty of parents do the happy dance when they whisk their children back to school after the holidays. [Read More]
Holidays can be a source of joy, stress...or horror! Cyndi lands a gig as one of Santa's elves and uncovers a gruesome reality; Ekhlas waits... [Read More]
Need something new and unconventional to celebrate this year? We might just have the holiday for you. It's a new year, which means a full... [Read More]
The holidays are a fading memory. Vacations are over. [Read More]
During the holidays, everyone likes to take pictures with their loved ones. ... [Read More]
Alabama Code (Law) 1-3-8: (a) Robert E. Lee's birthday, Confederate Memorial Day, and Jefferson Davis' birthday shall each be deemed a State Holiday. (b) Of... [Read More]
DryHome Roofing and Siding selected Barbara Bendele of Stafford County as the recipient of a new roof through its 15th annual Free Roof for the... [Read More]
Venice by private boatNever mind the Bridge of Sighs: the best way to see La Serenissima is from the deck of a boat. We're not... [Read More]
 For the record, I do love my kids, and not just in the abstract. I love having them around the house, love having dinner with... [Read More]
Many of us enjoyed the holidays with family and friends last month. But as we start a new year, we must remember that for hundreds... [Read More]
THERESA MAY is being urged to back new legislation to stop children going hungry in the school holidays. [Read More]
Bourbon-tasting trio Sally Scherer, Josh Moore and Janet Patton unbox the variety of wine & spirits sent to the Herald-Leader during the holidays. [Read More]