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Humanity is risking its own well-being by over-harvesting and harming Nature's bounty, said a comprehensive survey Friday that warned animal and plant species were in... [Read More]
YORK COUNTY, Pa.– Give Local York is set for May 4! In the months leading up to the event, FOX43 Morning News will have some... [Read More]
The March 16 Dispatch article "Group helps people avoid payday loans" bolstered my faith in humanity. And that group is the Society of St. Vincent... [Read More]
In recent years, candidates have tried all kinds of strategies to make attention-getting campaign ads. Throwing a large rock into a pond. Assembling a gun... [Read More]
click here to get started. We recently interviewed Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Laureate Professor in... [Read More]
We welcome the Lecture by Samuel S Myers (Dec 23, 2017, p 2860)1 on planetary health. Paul J Crutzen assigned the term Anthropocene to "the... [Read More]
Will Mars save humanity? Or will our savior be billionaire Elon Musk?Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, humbly believes we don't have to choose.... [Read More]
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham and REV Birmingham were awarded a total of $100,000 from the Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT program for their efforts to... [Read More]
Last week, AT&T celebrated the power of human connectivity and the technologies utilized by Black cultural innovators by recognizing the achievements of a special group... [Read More]
The goal? To relocate humanity to another planet and avoid extinction. Netflix has debuted a new official trailer for the weird sci-fi action film titled... [Read More]
The humanity of a warm greeting, a life-affirming exchange between people and a nutritious hot meal... [Read More]
In January, US spaceflight startup Rocket Lab stealthily launched a small "disco ball" satellite into orbit as part of a cosmic art project aimed at... [Read More]
Find out how the elite are keeping humanity from flourishing... [Read More]
The focus of The Cardinal Müller Report is 'to show the life of faith is the wellspring of hope.'... [Read More]
Hawking's fear of technology in general led him to advocate a controversial solution... [Read More]
Philippine police said Thursday they had shot dead 13 drug suspects, just days after President Rodrigo Duterte moved to take the country out of the... [Read More]
Tim Berners-Lee, the British creator of the web, has said that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg can fix the issues that meant Cambridge Analytica could... [Read More]
Will Mars save humanity? Or will our savior be billionaire Elon Musk? [Read More]
Some say humanity is making progress, and that civilization is becoming more civilized, but I wonder. Optimists would point to the global political focus on... [Read More]
"The reaction to Lucas, however, taught me the world is more full of love than I ever thought possible."        ... [Read More]