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A teenager was shot to death inside a Queens public housing development Saturday in a fight over an iPhone, police said. [Read More]
A 15-year-old boy was shot dead inside a Queens high-rise apartment building Saturday, police said. [Read More]
Forgive me Lord, for I knew not what I was doing." No, not Victor Frankenstein after creating his monster. Instead, Tony Fadell, co-creator of the... [Read More]
Pristelski said at 8:07 a.m. local time on Saturday, the alert came across on her iPhone. [Read More]
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On the face of it, LXORY's new wireless charging pad is a milestone of sorts: It's the first wireless charging pad powered by a Lightning... [Read More]
A fake alert of an incoming ballistic missile hit cell phones across Hawaii on Saturday. Multiple people began tweeting about an emergency alert they received... [Read More]
I'd like to pull all the text messages I have off an iPhone 5c and save them to a PC, so that the phone has... [Read More]
Following the new iPhone X ad yesterday, Apple today has shared two new segments for the iPad Pro. The ads highlight the device's augmented reality... [Read More]
Without a constant icon at the top of your screen, it's not always apparent if DND is enabled. [Read More]