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Central banks focus on inflation but might better serve economies by prioritising growth... [Read More]
In Venezuela, food prices continue to climb despite efforts by the socialist government to rein in the runaway inflation. [Read More]
By New Deal Democrat December data included positive retail sales and muted consumer inflation. Producer prices actually declined slightly. November data includ... [Read More]
The yield on the 10-Year T-Note has broken out to its highest level since March 2017. Inflation bears watching, especially with the global economy showing... [Read More]
Venezuelan government and opposition delegates meeting in the Dominican Republic will hold a new round of talks on Thursday on resolving the crisis facing the... [Read More]
Several reports this week showed inflation remains muted. This is supportive of asset valuations in early 2018, as the Fed will likely stay measured in... [Read More]
The FT's Vanessa Kortekaas highlights the key stories to watch for this week, with the federal funding budget for the US set to expire, quarterly... [Read More]
The S&P 500 index of US stocks recorded a higher close every month last year. This winning streak is the longest for 90 years, and... [Read More]
Surging oil prices are set to prolong the squeeze on household incomes this year, with economists expecting inflation to fall only gradually from its recent... [Read More]
Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves and highest inflation at 2600 per cent... [Read More]
Some years ago there was a TV game show called "The $64,000 Question," with the winner receiving $64,000.Today, the program would have to be called... [Read More]
Underlying US inflation gained momentum in December driven by higher rents and costs of medical services, suggesting no forced delays in Federal Reserve policy... [Read More]
Two top Fed policymakers have criticized the central bank's policy course, warning of a possible recession if the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates... [Read More]
The US dollar loses ground against majors despite solid inflation data Rumours surrounding this week went from shrinking Chinese appetite of US bonds, to specul... [Read More]
Cantillon: things have got so toxic we now accept double-digit inflation as unavoidable... [Read More]
Overall U.S. consumer prices rose a scant 0.1 percent in December, slowed by falling energy prices. But a closely watched gauge called core inflation --... [Read More]
There is a lot of handwringing at the Federal Reserve these days about inflation, albeit a bit counterintuitive. [Read More]
Read more about Oil surge may harden RBI outlook as inflation accelerates to 17-month high on Business Standard. According to the Statistics Ministry, consumer prices... [Read More]
Factory output surges to 21-month high, inflation worries rise - शुक्रवारी मध्यरात्री १२ वाजण्याच्या सुमारास हा भीषण अपघात झाला आहे.... [Read More]
Adjusted for inflation, Cambridge homeowners are making one heck of a profit... [Read More]