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Mission: Impossible—Fallout hits theaters on July 27th, with the promise of even more insane Tom Cruise stunts and maybe some weird stuff with Henry Cavill's... [Read More]
Amazon Prime Day is finally here, y'all —  and to honor Amazon's self-proclaimed holiday and let them have their spot on the internet for a... [Read More]
Volkswagen brought its I.D. R electric race car to the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, setting a record for electric cars on the hill climb... [Read More]
Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has been through the ringer lately. While still recovering from blood clots, which led to a postponement of... [Read More]
Getty Images France has done it. France is the 2018 FIFA World Cup champions. Fate handed the French a gauntlet run of... [Read More]
Ten years ago this week, old Yankee Stadium hosted All-Star festivities for the final time. It was MLB's sentimental send-off to the House That Ruth... [Read More]
Boots Riley has shocked audiences, but his goal with "Sorry to Bother You" was to shock his protagonist, Cassius Green, "to his mortal core" [Read More]
I don't think I have ever written about the same subject twice in a row, but this week's attacks against the wife of the new... [Read More]
Tonight brings the debut of Sacha Baron Cohen's new series Who is America? to Showtime. The series hasn't even aired and it's already stirred up... [Read More]
The Daily Beast presents a look at one of the most insane houses in the world. Read more at The Daily Beast. [Read More]
Anderson and Djokovic have had some insane matches to get here... [Read More]
Social Services in my small community is in a tailspin of scandal upon scandal, with compounding problems to be solved on the way to functioning... [Read More]
For his latest project, Sacha Baron Cohen made a website that looks satirical but is full of real articles. [Read More]
DJ Betty Blackheart's famous dance night, CUPCAKE!, was a night of messy fun with cupcakes, paddling, and dancing. The alternative scene dressed up in their... [Read More]
When the librarians at Holland's Herrick District Library decided to try creating a seed library this year, they hoped just a few community members would... [Read More]
Antonio Brown got himself one helluva birthday present this year ... copping an insane diamond chain made with A KILO OF GOLD ... and it's... [Read More]
A Columbia University professor blasted Americans as "total p—ies" and lamented the status of the "white privileged man" after a junior researcher accused him of... [Read More]
Jodorowsky's "Dune." In 2013, a documentary chronicled Alejandro Jodorowsky's absolutely insane attempt to adapt Frank Herbert's "Dune." I have... [Read More]
A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff., celebrating 50 years of humor. [Read More]
If you're in the market for an affordable TV with great picture quality and fantastic smart features, there's probably only one TV you should even... [Read More]