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Two Cambodians have been arrested for allegedly trafficking at least ten organ donors to India for illegal kidney transplants worth tens of thousands of dollars,... [Read More]
A kidney transplant for Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson's is planned for June, a person close to the superintendent said. [Read More]
To make the video, the researchers used a cell from an African green monkey's kidney and tagged six different organelles - subunits of the cell... [Read More]
The weight of the patient matters, too... [Read More]
Police officers are a part of a brotherhood, like family that is always looking out for each other. And what Sgt. Cashen did for a... [Read More]
Patients who received kidney transplants from donors with diabetes had better survival compared with those who remained on the waitlist. Patients at high... [Read More]
The children's biological mother abandoned them and their father mistreated them, Kuzlik said. Family and friends have established a GoFundMe page to raise $10,000... [Read More]
Ed Farmer's backpack is filled with pills — just in case. There was a time when Farmer swallowed 56 per day — and he... [Read More]
Pittsburgh woman Rebekah Ceidro, 33, recently shed 40 pounds after doctors told her that she was too heavy to donate her kidney to her friend.... [Read More]
A recent study found that accepting a kidney from a deceased diabetic donor may be best option for older patients or those facing long waits... [Read More]
In a study published today in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University... [Read More]
Israeli police say U.S. casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has been questioned as part of a corruption probe involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [Read More]
"It fell into place. I think it was meant to happen." [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office says he will undergo a medical procedure to remove a kidney stone. Netanyahu will be lightly sedated during the... [Read More]
Former New Haven Trustee Christopher Craigmiles wants to be spared prison because wife is on the kidney transplant list... [Read More]
The FDA has just cleared an entirely new approach to treating cancer, but one Suncoast oncologist has been successfully using the treatment, off—label with a... [Read More]
Sick Mother:... [Read More]
The bullet went through the woman's kidney and lodged in her back. [Read More]
While it's been operating since 1938, the hotel debuted its fresh, new look earlier this spring after a year-long comprehensive remodel by new operator Liz... [Read More]
Guess what? You know how I always write about wanting a two bedroom in town where I can have a dog and also afford? Well,... [Read More]