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Russian police appear to have discovered one of the country's most grisly cases of cannibalism after pictures of dismembered bodies were found on a phone... [Read More]
You might want to hold off upgrading to iOS 11 for a bit because there is a chance your phone and your favorite apps could... [Read More]
Americans spend an average of five hours a day on our smartphones, making them some of our most commonly-used electronic devices. ... [Read More]
According to recent rumors, Google's Pixel 2 won't look like much when it's unveiled during a press conference on October 4th. In fact, the phone... [Read More]
  Even Freddie Highmore himself seems surprised to be starring in another TV series so soon after ''Bates Motel.''''It's not what I planned,'' the young British... [Read More]
Jio Phone Delivery Started ... [Read More]
Voicemail messages left on Gov. Rick Scott's cell phone by employees of the Hollywood nursing home where 11 died due to sweltering heat after Hurricane... [Read More]
Investigators in southern Russia are looking into a possible cannibalism case. The Investigative Committee said Monday that it detained a 35-year-old man in the city... [Read More]
Decreasing screen time is vital to your well being, productivity, functionality and relationships. It may be a challenge to lessen how much time you spend... [Read More]
Some in Puerto Rico expressed anger over what they said was a lack of communication from phone providers about which towers were working. [Read More]
Cell phone video shows the moments leading up to Dillan Tabares' death near a 7-Eleven convenience store... [Read More]
The boy can be seen playing on a mobile phone at a restaurant in China before he is sprayed with the hot liquid... [Read More]
The FCC is due to vote on a proposal that would increase the efficiency of allocating toll-free phone numbers. [Read More]
"What is your opinion of the performance of Representative Paul Quinn?" asked the recorded voice on the phone. "Press 1 if you approve. Press 2... [Read More]
Business Insider The phone app that comes with your smartphone is fine, but it uses your carriers' decades-old technology. Meanwhile, there are plenty of... [Read More]
A week after Kelly Kuhns learned in a heartbreaking phone call that her son would be born with Down syndrome, abortion was mentioned.She declined."I loved... [Read More]
The newly released Apple Watch - with its added feature of cellular connectivity - is reigniting concerns among some public health researchers and medical experts... [Read More]
San Francisco clothier Levi's and search engine giant Google will begin selling a new form of electronic gear this week: a denim jacket for bicyclists... [Read More]
Creator of the original XCOM Julian Gollop got a phone call from Davide Soliani three years ago. [Read More]
It seems that Samsung is really making true its word that it will finally be making available one of its most hyped moonshot devices. Over... [Read More]