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President Donald Trump said Monday he holds both the United States and Russia responsible for the breakdown in the relationship between the two countries and... [Read More]
Veterans from both the United States, and Great Britain are walking 1,000 miles throughout the nation to raise money and awareness for veteran health. [Read More]
"Vladimir Putin is not an ally of the United States," Blunt said in a statement.        ... [Read More]
So far nobody has lined up to pay the $10 million sports-betting license fee. "There are other states that are more interesting to us," one... [Read More]
A man was injured early Sunday in a case described by the Marion County Sheriff's Office as a residential burglary and aggravated domestic battery with... [Read More]
The Trump-Putin meeting reveals how Trump is killing American power. The Trump-Putin summit was, by all accounts, a disgrace for the United States. President Trump... [Read More]
"Ms. Grisham likely engaged in political activity prohibited by law," the watchdog group states in a letter demanding an investigation. [Read More]
Donald Trump's "America First" slogan morphed Monday into "Me First" as the president unloaded on his own intelligence community and Justice Department to portray himself... [Read More]
A Salvadoran woman who was separated from her 8-year-old son when she entered the United States must remain in custody, prolonging her reunification wait, under... [Read More]
Prosecutors say Russian hackers accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential election exploited some of the United States' own computer infrastructure against it. They are... [Read More]
From property barriers to wood shacks to cluttered backyard patios, dozens of structures south of the U.S. border fence face demolition as the Trump administration... [Read More]
What in hell does Vladimir Putin, former spy turned head of Russia's spy agency, turned brutal dictator, have on Donald Trump that would allow the... [Read More]
Amazon's website has been up and down since the start of Prime Day in the United States at 3 p.m. ET. The website has been... [Read More]
The Trump administration on Monday brought cases against China, the European Union, Canada, Mexico and Turkey at the World Trade Organization for retaliating against American... [Read More]
The United States launched five separate World Trade Organization dispute actions on Monday challenging retaliatory tariffs imposed by China, the European Union, Canada, Mexico and... [Read More]
"I need information on my daughter." The message was written in Spanish, and Roopika Risam, an assistant professor at Salem State University, found it on... [Read More]
A trip that was designed to display President Trump as the bold leader on the world stage instead fueled questions about his judgment and shook... [Read More]
The top U.S. intelligence official says assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election have been "clear" and describes the Kremlin's efforts to undermine the... [Read More]
Some Amazon customers reported encountering crashes during the site's Prime Day sales event, according to posts on Twitter from across the United States. Amazon Prime... [Read More]
Amazon's website crashed at the start of Prime Day in the United States. Prime Day is one of Amazon's most important shopping holidays of the year. Some... [Read More]