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An anonymous reader quotes a report from Live Science: Scientists found that death travels in unremitting waves through a cell, moving at a rate of... [Read More]
What is it about money that makes people do bad things? [Read More]
Orangutans are known to be bright and resourceful relatives of humans, but who knew some were as keen as pharmacists? In a recent study, scientists... [Read More]
Researchers say eating first thing helps burn more carbohydrates while exercising and can even speed up digestion post-workout. [Read More]
Deciding what to do next can be overwhelming. [Read More]
Older drivers might be waiting too long to hang up their car keys for good, according to a new study released by the AAA Foundation... [Read More]
The Salt Lake City Council approved an $87 million road bond Tuesday, that will be given to voters to decide on in November. In June,... [Read More]
Fighting poverty is an ongoing battle in Monroe, but a new study says the city has the 14th fastest growing income in the country. [Read More]
This summer, 31 undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the United States explored issues, graduate study and careers in public policy and international affairs... [Read More]
Humans were less likely to turn off a robot when it begged them to stop an experiment, according to a study from researchers in Germany. [Read More]
From the New York Times news section: Black Boys Feel Less Safe in White Neighborhoods, Study Shows … A new study found that African-American boys... [Read More]
A study of Santa Cruz's homeless population found that 39 percent have psychiatric or emotional conditions, 32 percent have post traumatic stress disorder, and... [Read More]
Waiting to Buy According to a new study by the Urban Institute, millennials are waiting longer than previous generations to enter the housing market. Approximately... [Read More]
One study claims that government pension benefits have become more generous. A prominent economist pushes back. Who's correct? [Read More]
A new study on tattoos at work has come to a similar conclusion: No one seems to mind. [Read More]
School starts for some students Wednesday,  with others returning in the next couple weeks.   But when it comes to preparing kids for kindergarten a... [Read More]
Without mentioning the phrases "fire tax" or "EMS tax," emergency service leaders presented a study Tuesday that includes a recommendation to establish a "sustainable funding... [Read More]
The final version of the Washington County fire and EMS study was made public on Tuesday. [Read More]