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After independent analysis, the museum said on Monday that five of its famed Dead Sea Scrolls fragments were fake. They will be pulled from their... [Read More]
Scientific research suggests our sexuality may be indicated in how our hands look. There is something called the 2D:4D ratio, which determines whether your hands... [Read More]
New research paints stark picture of how microplastics are entering the human food chain. ... [Read More]
"The growth in teaching has been spectacular, and our point is there is going to be a price," said Richard Ingersoll, a professor at the... [Read More]
'Too little headway has been made to give all children an equal chance to succeed'... [Read More]
According to researchers, the findings could inform future missions to Mars by providing better targets to rovers searching for signs of past or present habitable... [Read More]
Automation is a technology trend that will impact various sectors of economic life this century. Smart Asset, a financial technology company that provides online advice... [Read More]
The 2016 election was psychologically traumatic for some, according to ... [Read More]
Science News: LONDON: People with high blood pressure (BP) taking medication for their condition are more likely to benefit from the therapy if they have... [Read More]
Science News: Heart patients should interrupt sedentary time every 20 minutes with 7 minute bout of physical activity to prolong life, according to a study.... [Read More]
Science News: Researchers at SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) in Japan found that an Asian elephants' sense of numbers is not affected by... [Read More]
NEW DELHI: Meditation can help lower eye pressure in patients suffering from glaucoma, a study by doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences h. [Read More]
Eating almonds helps cut belly fat - Including almonds in your daily diet could help reduce belly fat, a well-established heart disease risk factor, says... [Read More]
Modern-day Mars may be more hospitable to oxygen-breathing life than previously thought. A new study suggests that salty water at or... [Read More]
Can traffic on Interstate 77 ever get better? The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization plans a new $2 million study to examine the interstate, its... [Read More]
Ohio would have to study which of its schools have air conditioning, safety measures and certain other building features under a state lawmaker's proposal to... [Read More]
Katie Nelson with Mesa County Public Health stopped by to talk about a recent study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that... [Read More]
India Business News: Chennai: Global IT spending growth in 2019 is expected to be lower than in 2018, adding to the headwinds caused by trade... [Read More]
The color of a Labrador retriever's coat seems to be related to its lifespan and health, according to new research. [Read More]