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The pictures from Charlottesville, Va., reveal what pictures of oppression and violence generally do not: the ordinary people who typically perpetuate white supremacy. [Read More]
Throughout the entire length of the administration's internal debate about Afghanistan, President Donald Trump was torn between two competing impulses: his desire to end the... [Read More]
The Justice Department is treading into dangerous waters by obtaining a warrant to search the computer IDs of all 1.3 million people who visited a... [Read More]
Members of New York City's Evangelical and Hasidic communities turned out to vote for Donald Trump for president, and they continue to support him, despite... [Read More]
Robert E. Lee's among them; school's president says they've become "symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism" [Read More]
Here's what the Daily Caller doesn't want you to know... [Read More]
This week, the August 20th episode of HBO's Insecure went from a-little-too-political to being over-the-top in a way that is just lazy. In this episode,... [Read More]
'I mean, I think everybody has stood up and said, you know, that we're obviously against white supremacy'... [Read More]
On Friday, Steve Bannon, known for his nationalist views, returned to head up the site after leaving the White House... [Read More]
The four statues had become symbols of white supremacy, said University of Texas at Austin president... [Read More]
George Skelton on state government jitters and efforts to prepare for expected violent white supremacist protests. [Read More]
In the aftermath of the Charlottesville attack, many tech companies have taken down apps, shut down accounts and even websites connected to white supremacists. But... [Read More]
Tech companies have rallied together to take stringent action against white supremacist groups in the wake of the Charlottesville violence that left a woman dead.... [Read More]
With six weeks remaining in the regular season, the Minnesota Twins find themselves in the thick of the American League playoff race. The Chicago... [Read More]
IDG Connect is a global research library that hosts technology content to help IT and Business professionals access information from around the world. [Read More]
As a sea of brand new freshmen in blue and white t-shirts excitedly started filled the bleachers of Rec Hall, "Sweet Caroline" blared through the... [Read More]
US business economists worry about the prospects for President Donald Trump's policy agenda, and the potential damage to the economy from his trade and immigration... [Read More]
The University of Texas is removing statues of Robert E. Lee and other prominent Confederate figures from a main area of campus, saying such monuments... [Read More]
When you analyze the social media output of white supremacists, you expect to find antisemitic tropes, glorifications of Hitler and images of swastikas. But... [Read More]
Austin academic institution removes four Civil War monuments in wake of Charlottesville anti-racism clashes... [Read More]