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College Republicans at the University of Minnesota Duluth have drawn criticism for Facebook posts celebrating white nationalism and colonialism. "UMD stands firmly against white supremacy,... [Read More]
A North Carolina lawmaker and his Facebook page illuminate the danger of refusing to call white supremacy what it is. [Read More]
Our national healing cannot move forward if well-meaning leaders don't recognize the role Founding Fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, played in seeding white supremacy, writes Johnita... [Read More]
Because combating white supremacy with black supremacy will totally work... [Read More]
They aren't about heritage or history. They are tools of white supremacy. [Read More]
Three people were arrested during an anti-white supremacy protest Tuesday outside a North Side criminal court building, according to police. About two dozen protesters,... [Read More]
Three days after chaos and violence erupted in Charlottesville, Va., U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, finally issued a formal statement Tuesday, something his congressional colleagues... [Read More]
As tensions continue to run high in Charlottesville, Virginia, after a weekend white supremacy rally turned violent and left a protestor dead, Gadsden City Council... [Read More]
Donald Trump Defends 'Friend' Steve Bannon ... [Read More]
White supremacy advocates far too often demonstrate to the world that there is absolutely no evidence of anything supreme about the white race. [Read More]
It is not difficult to see that a phenomenon like "white supremacy" represents a profound form of human brokenness. This can be seen in both... [Read More]
Moran's comment contrasts with other Republicans, including members of House leadership, who did not call out Trump by name. [Read More]
President Trump reverting back to his original comments on Charlottesville set off a wave of Republican responses today, ranging from Republicans slamming him by name... [Read More]
。... [Read More]
'What trump is missing here is the uniqueness of white supremacy, KKK, nazism'... [Read More]
One by one, Republicans distanced themselves over the weekend from President Donald Trump's comments that blamed both sides for the violence in Charlottesville. On... [Read More]
More than 75 people from throughout Door County gathered in Sturgeon Bay Monday night, Aug. 14, 2017, to support the victims of the Charlottesville, Virginia,... [Read More]
'We must be clear'... [Read More]
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) on Tuesday asserted his condemnation of "bigotry and violence" after President Trump doubled down on his claims that "both... [Read More]
For 24 hours, Republicans in Congress thought they were in the clear — President Donald Trump had answered their calls and condemned by name the... [Read More]