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Penn State men's basketball forward Mike Watkins shares his struggle with mental health issues, publicly apologizes for "bringing negative attention" to the university after he... [Read More]
Advice: Your "crabby" neighbor was correct. Your friend's grandsons did help themselves to her pumpkin, and it was wrong. [Read More]
One small step or wrong turn in Marion Harless' garden, and you might never find your way out. But losing yourself in Harless' array of... [Read More]
DAN Osborne's beautiful face is no more after he cut and bruised himself when a swimming pool stunt went horribly wrong. The sizzling 6ft 3inch... [Read More]
Dear Miss Manners: My daughter wants to bring her friend on a trip with us. What is the best way to ask her mom? Do... [Read More]
What Donald Trump gets wrong about climate change on Coffee House | Donald Trump now says of climate change: 'I don't think it's a hoax,... [Read More]
I'd ALWAYS thought putting yourself first was selfish. And friends who did so were self-centred. I was wrong. Being selfish is defined as 'lacking consideration... [Read More]
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says that anyone who thinks the new trilateral North American trade agreement limits Canada's trade sovereignty is misguided. [Read More]
Jim (Daniel Radcliffe) is an intern gunning to prove himself at the glossy, Vanity Fair-esque magazine where he works. So when his editor Emily (Cherry... [Read More]
I am supporting Republican Tammy Walter for state representative in Maine House District 32. Tammy was the first female president in the Spurwink Rod and... [Read More]
South Carolina Gamecocks football had been in it for four-star cornerback recruit Chris Steele, who eventually picked the home-state Trojans. Steele decommitted Thursday and Cam... [Read More]
Why do we spend so much time worrying about the wrong things? [Read More]
A lot has gone wrong for struggling Shoals Christian football in 2018. But Friday, first-year coach Nick Flanagan said, "everything kind of felt right." [Read More]
I just received a third mailer accusing Congressman Steve Knight of seeking to cut Social Security. I think these are sent to seniors because Democrats... [Read More]
Have you been living a low-carb life? [Read More]
President Donald Trump may be remembered as the most honest president in modern American history. Don't get me wrong, Trump lies all the time.... [Read More]
Lawsuit Filed: Not only did Facebook inflate ad-watching metrics by up to 900 percent, it knew for more than a year that its average-viewership... [Read More]
Racing News: Sebastian Vettel complained that Formula One's red flag rules are wrong and need more common sense applied after he was handed a three-place... [Read More]
The gruesome plot thickens. There are reports Saudis now will admit Jamal Khashoggi died in their custody after an interrogation that went wrong. Turkish ... [Read More]
Officials with the Arizona Department of Public Safety said Friday that a wrong-way driver in the Tucson area was stopped, after a trooper intentionally crashed... [Read More]