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When Epic Games initially released Fortnite for Android earlier this year it made it exclusively available on Samsung devices. If you're rocking a Galaxy S9... [Read More]
Apple's about to get a big assist from Adobe when it comes to the company's efforts to legitimize the iPad Pro as a productivity tool.... [Read More]
The Google Home Hub, the Amazon Echo Show and the Facebook Portal are popularizing a relatively new category of tech. What are these devices and... [Read More]
The company acquires Spanish firm Zhilabs, which could enhance its 5G network capabilities and quality. [Read More]
Winamp is back. ... [Read More]
The publisher of video game Grand Theft Auto V has been granted the right to search the homes of five people accused of making cheat... [Read More]
Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against two YouTube users for their role in promoting cheating and hacking tools for Fortnite via a YouTube channel... [Read More]
Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market. What might break up that duopoly? How about a phone with a "holographic" screen.        ... [Read More]
Apple has launched an updated privacy website including a new way to delete your Apple account in the United States. Apple is increasingly highlighting... [Read More]
Each year, Adobe uses its Adobe MAX conference to show off its latest apps, technologies, and tools to help simplify and improve the workflow of... [Read More]
Progressive Web App support added for Windows... [Read More]
Fujifilm's X-T3 sure looks a lot like the X-T2, but don't be deceived. Aside from the handsome, compact body, this is a smarter, more capable... [Read More]
Breast cancer affects one in eight women in the US. There are multiple factors involved in developing the disease, but one issue is dense breast... [Read More]
A court grants search warrants and freezes the assets of five people accused of making cheat software. [Read More]
Hundreds of fake Women's March Facebook pages run from Bangladesh have prompted concern from American activists and have proven challenging for Facebook to keep under... [Read More]
Apple is making a change for bagel fans who made a fuss. [Read More]
Part of the art of a song can be the interpretation of the song through a video. During October we'll collect some of the interesting... [Read More]
Getty Google has announced major changes to the way its mobile software Android will work inside Europe. It will start charging... [Read More]
Unless Google can rally the developer troops to clean out their crufty code from the Play Store and wholesale adopt Material Design, it will fail... [Read More]
Those wanting to upgrade their iPhones currently have an interesting dilemma. And Apple store employees are very aware of it. [Read More]