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Rep. Nearman, Rep. Esquivel and Rep. Barreto are chief petitioners in an initiative petition calling to repeal Oregon Statute ORS 181.850. [Read More]
The driver who killed a teenager by running him down as the 14-year-old rode a stolen motorcycle in WA's Goldfields region has been found not... [Read More]
Smoke from the raging wildfire in Mariposa County turned the sky over the Tahoe Basin a shockingly bright reddish orange last night, creating a dramatic... [Read More]
If Trump fires Robert Mueller or pardons himself, Republicans won't do a thing about it—and our democracy will be changed forever. [Read More]
Though the White House launched its "Made in America" initiative earlier this week to promote American jobs and products, President Donald Trump's businesses have again... [Read More]
A 31-year-old man died after being stabbed in the chest as he was eating breakfast on a street corner in Brighton Beach early Thursday, according... [Read More]
Two people on the Greek island of Kos were reportedly killed after a collapse following a magnitude-6.7 earthquake that rattled the island and Turkey's coast. [Read More]
A teenage girl said she was sexually assaulted at a park in Flushing Wednesday, authorities said. [Read More]
Blizzard is at the San Diego Comic Con, and as part of their presence they've got some official cosplay of the newest Overwatch character, Doomfist.... [Read More]
What is it about the dreamy singer that has the gays screaming "icon" at her concert? [Read More]
Jude Sparks has been working on an excavation site near his home in New Mexico after stumbling across the remains of a prehistoric stegomastodon. Jim... [Read More]
Mike Howe was arrested in the early morning hours of July 4 and charged with OWI. His blood-alcohol content level was more than twice the... [Read More]
The Brazilian signed a £150,000-a-week deal earlier this year - and Liverpool have no interest in selling... [Read More]
The deaths were reported on Kos following a 6.7 magnitude quake in the Aegean Sea. [Read More]
As firetrucks rolled through the hazy, deserted streets of this historic gold-mining town, Brian Redding stood behind the cash register at the Grizzly Gas mini-market... [Read More]
The teens were identified and questioned by detectives investigating the case, but they are unlikely to face charges. [Read More]
Police said the shooting stemmed from a verbal altercation. [Read More]
Republicans in Washington should be returning home next week to brag. But despite having total control on Capitol Hill, even they admit that policies aren't... [Read More]
Donald Trump's legal team is, predictably, looking for ways to push back against the Mueller investigation into Trump World and undermine its credibili ... [Read More]
Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot is making headlines for numerous reasons this off-season - this time for an enormous barbecue sandwich being sold in his... [Read More]