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The momentum behind America's marijuana movement has been unstoppable. Illinois and 28 other states have legalized medical marijuana. Eight states now allow the sale of... [Read More]
After a week of controversy and bitterness, Democrats and Republicans hope to get their investigations into Kremlin meddling on a more collegial track. [Read More]
It's not fire season right now — or at least it shouldn't be — but continuing drought and seemingly constant shifts in "normal" weather patterns... [Read More]
Democrats Hahn, a Suffolk legislator, and Cartright, a Brookhaven Town Board member, back Viloria Fisher to take on GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin. [Read More]
3 Congress workers arrested following FIRs against 22 BJP and Congress workers. [Read More]
GOP lawmakers, the Trump administration and Democrats were sharply divided over public land use and a Nevada standoff between federal law enforcement and a militia... [Read More]
The Uttar Pradesh Assembly has 403 seats. In the last assembly elections, the Congress managed to win just seven seats, its lowest ever in the... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: Republicans who spent the early months of 2017 working with Democrats on investigations into Russian interference in U.S. elections have pivoted as the new... [Read More]
A three-vehicle crash had a southbound stretch of Congress Avenue blocked south of Woolbright Road f... [Read More]
A three-vehicle crash had a southbound stretch of Congress Avenue blocked south of Woolbright Road l... [Read More]
Alleged Republican Congressman Chris Stewart probably didn't realize it, but he spoke the truth (OMG!  A Republican speaking the truth?!) when he stated on the... [Read More]
A revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend program is one program Congress should consider. [Read More]
Democratic lawmakers tired of repeated racist and offensive comments from President Trump said they will not attend the State of the Union address. [Read More]
Read more about Managing the SC crisis: Bar Council forms team; Congress takes on Modi on Business Standard. Congress asks govt to reveal reasons for... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's "shithole" remark may cause trouble in upcoming negotiations to avert a government shutdown. [Read More]
Six more days. $0 left to run the government. Is the 19th government shutdown around the corner? [Read More]
J. Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, MB Lokur and Kurian Joseph... [Read More]
Democrats "are doing nothing to fix" the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and they don't want to, President Donald Trump declared in a... [Read More]
For a few minutes today, Hawaiians were freaking out over a false alarm saying there was a missile inbound. And the entire congressional delegation of... [Read More]
Trump's S**thole Comments Distract from Immigration; Are relations improving between North and South Korea, Efforts to Close Guantanamo Bay... [Read More]