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The landslide trapped at least 15 people in the hotel's first-floor restaurant. [Read More]
The state prosecutor announces the start an investigation into bribery charges against Huang Xingguo. [Read More]
The attack took place in Jairampur, in Assam State's Tinsukhia district, on Sunday. [Read More]
A state-run daily says Beijing will continue its military drills regardless of foreign "provocation." [Read More]
A train derailment in India's southeastern Andhra Pradesh state has claimed the lives of 13 people. [Read More]
The Iranian Foreign Ministry says terrorism targets regional and international peace and security without any exceptions. [Read More]
President Donald Trump has said that U.S. trade relations with China will change under his administration, and Chinese companies with a local footprint in Los Angeles could be affected. [Read More]
(Vignette Series 2/5) The project sets out to discover how the lives of 10 ordinary people around the world are impacted in intimate, powerful ways by the level of progress that their countries... [Read More]
A new film that tries to marry Bollywood beats with Kung Fu moves is set to release next month. "Kung Fu Yoga," which stars martial-arts legend Jackie Chan in the lead role and... [Read More]
Taiwan calls for a "new era" in relations with China as Japan conducts military drills in response to possible conflict between Beijing and Taipei. [Read More]
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he plans to visit the U.S. as soon as possible to meet with Donald Trump after the new American president's inauguration. Abe said Friday in an annual... [Read More]
Informal comments to the media by H.E. Mr. Liu Jieyi, Permanent Representative of China to the UN and President of the SC for the month of November 2013 on Somalia and Sudan and... [Read More]
India hosts a conference on cultural ties between the country and Iran in the capital New Delhi. [Read More]
The recent ongoing snap in china's northern 'Shanxi' province has created spectacular icicles at 'Hukou' Waterfall. [Read More]
Police said the incident occurred in the northern Indian province of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday when a truck loaded with sand collided head-on with the school bus. [Read More]
Iran says it is negotiation with China over a project to revamp its oldest and biggest refinery. [Read More]
Vietnamese police arrested a dozen people for staging a demonstration against the Chinese takeover of the Paracel ]slands on Thursday. [Read More]
Chinese President Xi Jinping says his country will establish a new model of relations with the US. [Read More]
H.E. Mr. Xi Jinping keynote address on 'Pooling our wisdom and energy towards a community of a shared future for mankind'... [Read More]
Prime Minister Abe will soon seek to impose a cap on the number of overtime hours employees can work. [Read More]