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Iranian mediators meet with their Russian and Turkish counterparts ahead of the Astana talks on the Syria crisis. [Read More]
The approval comes despite a UN resolution demanding an end to such illegal constructions. [Read More]
Ankara's active presence in Syria's peace process is a sign of Turkey's tendency to re-align itself with Iran and Russia rather than remaining in a partnership with the US, a political commentator says. [Read More]
The state prosecutor announces the start an investigation into bribery charges against Huang Xingguo. [Read More]
The attack took place in Jairampur, in Assam State's Tinsukhia district, on Sunday. [Read More]
The crimes in Bahrain continue in as ugly and blunt a manner as ever, and the UK seems to prefer to act like an overexcited cheerleader in support of the regime. [Read More]
Rescue crews digging through an Italian hotel buried in an avalanche say there could be additional survivors more than three days after tons of snow came barreling down a mountainside. Rescuers told... [Read More]
Hungary's foreign minister says it could take days to officially identify the 16 people killed in a bus crash in Italy. Two adults critically injured also remain unidentified. [Read More]
A state-run daily says Beijing will continue its military drills regardless of foreign "provocation." [Read More]
Palestinian protesters in Israel slam Tel Aviv's recent demolition campaign as well as its massacre of Palestinians. [Read More]
The increased sales of weapons come amid concerns that Turkey might use the weapons in violation of human rights. [Read More]
The White House says US President Donald Trump will receive British prime minister this week in his first formal meeting with a foreign leader. [Read More]
Italy confirms the safety of the staff of its embassy in Tripoli after car bomb goes off near the building. [Read More]
The strain showed on Fabio Salzetta's face. [Read More]
US Navy kicks off joint missile-defense drills with South Korea and Japan in response to North Korea's threat. [Read More]
A train derailment in India's southeastern Andhra Pradesh state has claimed the lives of 13 people. [Read More]
Syrian forces advance further in their battle against terrorism In Homs and Dayr al-Zawr. [Read More]
A senior Iranian official says the Astana peace talks will be a proper chance to benefit from the Syrians' resistance against terrorists. [Read More]
An analyst says it is highly saluted that Russia, Turkey and Iran are sitting at the same table to try to resolve the conflict in Syria, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic plays ... [Read More]
Two British officers are captured on video as they are tasering their own race relations adviser. [Read More]