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The popular smartphone game hits Android devices three months after its iOS debut. [Read More]
If you happen to be in the market and looking for a new Android-based solution for your TV, then you do have quite a few options to choose from in the worl... [Read More]
Nintendo has been teasing the release of Super Mario Run on Android since it put the app up in the Play Store for "pre-registration" back in December, but now we know that the... [Read More]
Another messaging bug is affecting iOS devices, and it can crash iPhones and iPads. Luckily, the fix is very simple, and we'll show you how. [Read More]
I think it's fair to say that Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 has engendered more excitement and intrigue than any other iPhone model in years. And with good reason, it's widely believed that Apple's next-gen... [Read More]
It's-a me, Android. Nintendo's first fully fledged smartphone game (sorry, Miitomo), Super Mario Run, is scheduled to hit Android devices in March after landing... [Read More]
App development is still one of tech's most lucrative fields, but the thought of learning how to code sends many aspiring app-makers running for the hills. [Read More]
Japan's Nintendo said it will release an Android version of its first ever Super Mario mobile game in March following the launch of Super Mario Run for Apple Inc's iPhone in December. [Read More]
Super Mario Run is plodding towards one of the biggest mobile platforms at a pace more like Average Mario Plod. Super Mario Run will release on Androi…... [Read More]
Super Mario Run is finally coming to Android, and Nintendo just announced a release date... [Read More]
Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first real foray into mobile gaming, won't be available on Android until March, the company announced in a tweet. In our review of the iOS version we thought the... [Read More]
Nintendo Co. said Thursday it plans to launch its "Super Mario Run" smartphone game for Android OS in March, a three-month delay after the rollout for Apple Inc.'s smart devices. [Read More]
Super Mario Run is still a no-show for Android (Nintendo said just today that it's aiming for a March release), but there's another classic franchise coming to the Play Store in just a... [Read More]
Android version has a February launch date; iOS simply coming "soon." [Read More]
Nintendo is set to launch Fire Emblem Heroes on Android on February 2nd, marking the company's second official game that has been announced for the Android... [Read More]
The latest iPhone 8 rumors to hit the web suggests the device will have 'some form of facial/gesture recognition'. Sources say it has a laser sensor and an infrared sensor near the... [Read More]
Update: Nintendo of America says the game is coming to iOS on February 2nd, as well: Following the release of Super Mario Run earlier this year, Nintendo today announced its next mobile game for... [Read More]
A specific string of emojis and text sent in an iMessage can crash the recipient's iOS device. [Read More]
Nintendo Co. plans to launch its Super Mario Run smartphone game for Android OS in March, a three-month delay after the rollout for Apple Inc.'s smart devices. [Read More]
Nintendo officially announces its newest mobile game, and this time around, it looks like it's headed to Android first. [Read More]
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