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By Caroline Kenny and Jasmine Wright, CNN Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg will now attend Martin Luther King Day celebrations in Columbia, South Carolina, on Monday... [Read More]
The following is a transcript of an interview with Senator John Cornyn that aired Sunday, January 19, 2020, on "Face the Nation. [Read More]
German Chancellor Angela Merkel greeted world leaders in the German capital on Sunday in a last ditch attempt to convince warring Libyan sides to agree... [Read More]
Lebanese first responders treated more than 370 people for injuries during sever... [Read More]
The actress, who this week received her third Academy Award nomination for her performance in the Noah Baumbach drama, "Marriage Story," also currently stars in... [Read More]
One in 10 births in this country is premature, one of the highest rates in the industrialized world; author Sarah DiGregorio says we must do... [Read More]
As Forsyth County's oldest school celebrates its 80th anniversary in the community, school leaders at Big Creek Elementary say they want to hear... [Read More]
Dumplings can be found in most every cuisine, from Italian raviolis to Indian samosas, from Polish pierogies to Spanish empanadas. But Chinese dumplings are believed... [Read More]
The National Archives describes itself as 'the nation's record keeper,' but some are upset about how it decided to doctor these images. [Read More]
The entrepreneur, who died Saturday at age 96, made a number of exotic fruits and vegetables, from kiwi to ginger, household names... [Read More]
In a Wednesday ruling, a controversial Trump appointee said there was no explicit right for transgender persons to be called by their chosen pronouns. [Read More]
At least 79 Yemeni soldiers attending prayers at a mosque were killed and 130 others injured in ballistic missile and drone attacks by Iran-backed Houthi... [Read More]
EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor revealed her diagnosis two years ago... [Read More]
The Chargers vaulted up in the rankings thanks to a pair of impressive victories while Westampton Tech joins the list thanks to a statement win... [Read More]
A Portland man with a history of violence is accused of attacking his ex-wife, choking her until she lost consciousness. [Read More]
The actress stars in two Oscar-nominated movies, and is nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as a razor-sharp divorce lawyer in "Marriage Story" [Read More]
One psychiatrist's long-forgotten idea on giving support to those hospitalized or treated for depression or attempting suicide is being revived, and is finding positive results... [Read More]
Good and Evil Intersect in the Waters Off Newport Beach... [Read More]
Some users have reported having trouble sending or receiving messages... [Read More]
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido will meet on Monday in Bogota with U.S.... [Read More]
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