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The finding isn't based on data from a large, randomized, controlled trial — the gold standard for assessing the safety and efficacy of any potential... [Read More]
Tokyo stocks leaped ahead Tuesday, propelled by further advances on Wall Street amid the unabated popularity of technology-oriented stocks. The 225-issue N... [Read More]
The dollar moved up slightly to levels around ¥106 in Tokyo trading Tuesday, on the back of higher stock prices. At 5 p.m., the dollar... [Read More]
Broke and jobless, Ruel Damaso is sleeping on cardboard and surviving on food handouts at Manila airport where dozens were left stranded after a partial... [Read More]
Thailand's attorney general ordered a new investigation Tuesday into the heir to the Red Bull billions accused of a fatal hit-and-run, following public out... [Read More]
In stripping Voice of America and other broadcasts of their independence, the Trump administration is undermining a powerful tool of diplomacy. [Read More]
It isn't "bewildering" that the Senate has stalled an election bill when you realize that Republicans don't want Americans to vote. [Read More]
California should have a nonpartisan, impartial agency write ballot titles and summaries. Not a politician. [Read More]
There is undoubtedly a long line for those with a bone to pick with the Government over its coronavirus travel advice. From the Spanish tourist... [Read More]
To hamper the U.S. Postal Service under the guise of 'treating it like a business' is to undermine public confidence when it's most needed. That... [Read More]
The L.A. Times' section on the lives lost from COVID-19 put faces on the numbers we read about each day. That's important and moving. [Read More]
Not all evangelicals insist on packing the pews in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions. [Read More]
If mainstream liberals didn't want violence in the streets, they should have been paying attention when the protests were more peaceful. [Read More]
A FULL MOON appeared in the sky yesterday. How will the August full moon last night affect you? [Read More]
A volunteer at Safe Place for Youth advocates for putting a housing project on site, which is next to a Catholic church. [Read More]
MORRISONS has announced it will cut all prices in its cafe by 50 percent in August as part of the Eat Out to Help Out... [Read More]
Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis says he fears the iconic event won't take place again after the world famous festival was cancelled this summer due... [Read More]
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN was a franchise no one was expecting to work - but will there be a sixth film and will Johnny Depp... [Read More]
He fled Iran's Revolutionary Guard. He exposed Australia's offshore detention camps — from the inside. He survived, stateless, for seven years. What's next? [Read More]
MORTGAGE and consumer credit holidays can be utilised by those struggling financially as a result of coronavirus. These payment freezes have been extended and updated... [Read More]
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