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Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 02:01 PM
A possibility of the economy putting on the breaks was the second highest concern of a development that could have a significant impact on their... [Read More]
Luxembourg just became the first country to offer free public transit to its citizens. The area suffers from heavy traffic and congestion. It's the result... [Read More]
YouTuber Nikita Dragun, who describes herself as trans, made a Victoria's Secret-style ad. The ad is in response to L Brands' chief marketing officer Ed... [Read More]
The practice, Wilson Dental, has five locations around Upstate New York. [Read More]
Olin Browne and other PGA Tour Champions golfers took to Twitter to criticize a PGA Tour program that would offer cards to top college players. [Read More]
A 1990 Geo Storm GSi in a Phoenix self-service wrecking yard. [Read More]
CAROLINA (6-6) at CLEVELAND (4-7-1) [Read More]
"It basically caused life to suffocate." [Read More]
Assuming you follow local politics to a greater or lesser extent, you know where candidate and City Councilmember-designate Marvin Heinze stands on Coronado-related issues. With... [Read More]
Schedule for the powerful early-season tournament. [Read More]
Phillips 66 shares have lost 25% since the peak of roughly four months ago. The stock is now trading at a discounted valuation. The company... [Read More]
Starring Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander and Jim Jones, First Lady isn't high cinema, but it's a fun, fast romp. [Read More]
Actor-director Andy Serkis takes a harsher, darker, more CGI-heavy look at "The Jungle Book" [Read More]
Researchers from the University of Washington say lessons from the Great Dying have major implications for the fate of today's warming world. [Read More]
Raw video: Southwest plane slides off runway during heavy rains at Hollywood Burbank Airport in California. [Read More]
The Manchester United legend has given his former team something to think about... [Read More]
Hot off an appearance at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles Afterparty, this is Deathkings. [Read More]
AN IMPATIENT driver paid the price when he tried to overtake a learner driver at a traffic light. [Read More]
Yasmine Malone definitely has an eye for photography. The University of Mississippi student was among 22 young female photographers selected to participate in a recent... [Read More]
A study led by the American Association for the Advancement of science in Washington has shown that Google's AI can now teach itself to beat... [Read More]