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We know for certain that DES, when given to normal women, at best did nothing and at worst increased reproductive wastage (miscarriages) as... [Read More]
Grim New Report Shows Rent Is Unaffordable In Every State The 'Out of Reach' report shows the housing crisis is hitting renters hard, especially... [Read More]
Below is a Photo of a Cardiac Pacemaker - the technology has been around and widely in use since around the 1960's Few Patients Sick... [Read More]
they don't get paid. :womanwink: (just kiddin) But it seems that some will go to extreme lengths just to... [Read More]
The cost of insulin is sky rocketing in the US - so much so that people cannot afford it. Donald made some whiney noises that... [Read More]
Epitomy of the RW. It is like the Baptist preacher in TX who wants to ciminalize abortions while he was abusing young girls. [Read More]
When comparing America's health statistics to all other countries with a Universal Health Care System, it would seem that the vast majority of... [Read More]
I won't hold my breath over this!!! I will believe this when I see it. [Read More]
KFF Health Tracking Poll - June 2019: Health Care in the Democratic Primary and Medicare-for-all Yes, it is an important issue in the Democratic... [Read More]
Sounds like you're not the only one with this problem. There are a number of alternatives depending on your needs (such as just calls vs.... [Read More]
We eliminated cable TV and now have free Roku TV. This saves us about $1,200 per year. Roku offers a variety of TV programs, movies,... [Read More]
Lydia wrote-Yes, you are so right! The Man/Child in the White House has been wanting to wage war with someone--anyone--since he was elected. And he's... [Read More]
Excellent resource. [Read More]
All of the Mueller report's major findings in... [Read More]
Man is not made for defeat ..... your friends in need... we supply most effective anti-cancer drugs.... Avastin for lung cancer, cervical cancer,... [Read More]
In the big picture, a smallish thing, but I would be interested in seeing the totality of The Expense Reports for the entirety of the... [Read More]
Suffer from mouth problem? Looking for best solution? Visit our website to consult by call, video or whatsapp. Get better advice and order medicine... [Read More]
My bucket has a hole in it! [Read More]
Trump never fails when demonstrating his profound ignorance and his contemptuous insensitivity specifically and especially when it comes to matters... [Read More]
It is becoming painfully clear that Trump wants to go to war with Iran. I assume either he feels it will help with his reelection... [Read More]