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As protests over George Floyd's death continue to erupt in Minneapolis and other parts of the country, ABA President Judy Perry Martinez implored Americans that... [Read More]
The Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeal has overturned two manslaughter and molestation convictions in response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that nonunanimous... [Read More]
Not much has changed in the three years since the New York State Bar Association released a landmark report highlighting the scarcity of female attorneys... [Read More]
Legal experts are weighing in on President Donald Trump's move to curtail protections for social media, expressing skepticism that it would actually be enforced or... [Read More]
Several national organizations issued joint recommendations earlier this week for how the criminal justice system can incorporate public health approaches when responding to the novel... [Read More]
Nearly 300 federal lawsuits filed in the months of March and April stem from the COVID-19 pandemic, a number that is likely to continue to... [Read More]
Days after announcing a voluntary leave program, Troutman Sanders revealed it is going a step further with pay cuts for lawyers and staff members. [Read More]
The New Jersey Supreme Court on Tuesday removed a judge from the bench who asked a woman whether she had tried to close her legs... [Read More]
The Louisiana Supreme Court reinstated a lawyer Tuesday who had been suspended for a year and a day for chest bumping a prosecutor in a... [Read More]
An ethics proposal in New Jersey would create an exception to the duty of client confidentiality when a lawyer has information that an innocent person... [Read More]
Unless there is an emergency case to be heard, oral arguments are completed in the U.S. Supreme Court for the October 2019 term. The court... [Read More]
The first year of law school is an unforgettable rite of passage to becoming a lawyer. I get that. But this year, it's more "unforgettable"... [Read More]
At least three large law firms are charging more than $1,000 per hour for bankruptcy work by senior associates, court filings indicate. [Read More]
The woman who accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault has been dropped by her law firm and is facing accusations that she... [Read More]
A California agency has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging that the production companies that made the TV show Criminal Minds failed to prevent an... [Read More]
Two lawyers in Waco, Texas, have been arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit capital murder in an alleged plot to kill another attorney. [Read More]
A federal judge ruled Sunday that it is unconstitutional in some circumstances for Florida to require felons who have completed their sentences to pay legal... [Read More]
The U.S. Supreme Court refused Tuesday to stay a judge's order requiring the Federal Bureau of Prisons to release or transfer inmates at an Ohio... [Read More]
Do you really need a human for the so-called human touch in lawyering, particularly when a big part of the job is convincing the client... [Read More]
Do you really need a human for the so-called human touch in lawyering, particularly when a big part of the job is convincing the client... [Read More]
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