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Michelle Obama and Barack Obama's eldest daughter Malia is working as a writer for Donald Glover's upcoming Prime Video series inspired by Beyoncé, Swarm... [Read More]
Michelle Obama and Barack Obama's eldest daughter Malia is working as a writer for Donald Glover's upcoming Prime Video series inspired by Beyoncé, Swarm. [Read More]
President Joe Biden made it official on Friday that White House chief of staff Ron Klain will step down next week, and announced that Jeff... [Read More]
Las cosas han cambiado desde que el presidente Barack Obama implementó una política de deshielo con Cuba y aunque en los últimos meses se han... [Read More]
President Joe Biden came into office promising to be a unifier, but make no mistake, he's rapidly becoming the divider-in-chief. He is now reviving former... [Read More]
North Carolina has never evolved into the true tossup state Barack Obama's 2008 win once appeared to foreshadow. [Read More]
Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti had his official portrait unveiled at LA City Hall. The portrait was done by artist Shepard Fairey, the same... [Read More]
Police responded to the 3300 block of President Barack Obama Highway just after 3 p.m. in response to a shooting. [Read More]
As Vice President, Joe Biden worked under Barack Obama as the US hit the debt ceiling twice, vowing to "never again" negotiate close to a... [Read More]
Republicans risk being caricatured by the White House as President Joe Biden and his aides deploy strategies from former Presidents Bill Clinton's and Barack Obama's... [Read More]
Former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump inadvertently found common ground over the weekend, separately condemning the murder of Tyre Nichols after video footage showed... [Read More]
It's a project that aims to include people in the community, and one that many are proud to see in their hometown. [Read More]
The former secretary of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama says "the job is different" than when he was in charge of the agency. [Read More]
(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)Thom Reilly, Arizona State University(THE CONVERSATION) In the end there... [Read More]
and falsely - accused Barack Obama's administration of wiretapping him during the 2016 campaign, but a new book reveals that his own Department of Justice... [Read More]
Get thee behind me, fake news about former President Barack Obama dressed as Satan. An old allegation about the 44th pre... [Read More]
The list of former presidents and vice presidents contacted likely includes former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and former... [Read More]
In the wake of the "Twitter Files," let's revisit former President Barack Obama's warning last April about the spread of misinformation: "You just have to... [Read More]
Onetime advisers to former President Barack Obama and former House Speaker John Boehner say negotiations to raise the debt ceiling look bleaker than they did... [Read More]
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