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Interest in home vegetable gardens has exploded, and we have fielded questions about gardens for limited space. Here are some helpful tips. [Read More]
As the start of early voting looms, entities are weighing their options on what to do about upcoming elections scheduled for May in light of... [Read More]
Baird wasn't going to let Frankie Sprouse's 100th birthday pass without some kind of celebration, coronavirus or no. [Read More]
Elaine Herweck, nurse at Abilene ISD's Taylor Elementary, lost her house to fire early Saturday morning. Two GoFundMe accounts were established to help. [Read More]
Details of the B-21 Main Operating Base personnel, facilities and infrastructure, air operations and proposed weapons generation facility. [Read More]
Some programs have been canceled or rescheduled, other opportunities arise. [Read More]
Spring has come, but there is work to be done. [Read More]
Environmental study will help make key choice in first Main Operations Base for B-21. [Read More]
Three for four news patients had contact with a confirmed case. [Read More]
Abilene and area business announcements for April 5, 2020... [Read More]
Oil price crash threatens future of many oil companies. [Read More]
The coronavirus COVID-19 and limited shelter in place orders for Abilene and Taylor County are having an effect on policing and arrests. [Read More]
Dr. Ryan Lewis... [Read More]
How will it happen and how candidates can vie fairly for office come into question. [Read More]
The COVID-19 outbreak put a pause on high school athletics, but powerlifting faces unique challenges when trying to stay prepared for a return. [Read More]
The increased restrictions contained in the Stay Home, Work Safe Order that went into effect at 11:59 p.m. April 1 ask for much from all... [Read More]
City officials want vacationers to stay away from Corpus Christi the next few weeks to try to flatten the COVID-19 curve. [Read More]
Howard Tobin letter, Abilene... [Read More]
Grant can be used for a number of virus-related efforts. [Read More]
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