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If you are working while you are on vacation, you are not on vacation. You are just working in a different location. [Read More]
The test does not involve thumping the lawyer's head to check for a deep, hollow, knocking sound. [Read More]
The huge bong rip is *implied*. [Read More]
A Future of J.D. Advantage Jobs? [Read More]
Welcome To The Big Stage: Justice Jackson has selected her clerks. Set up a macro on your computer for "Respctfully" even if you absolutely don't... [Read More]
And the 5th Circuit approves. [Read More]
There's no such thing as a 'small' data breach for firms. [Read More]
If you thought COVID did a number on in-person attendance and productivity, just wait until God of War: Ragnarök releases. [Read More]
A lot of people didn't get the interviews they wanted. [Read More]
It's always, always, always projection with these people. [Read More]
There's no such thing as a 'small' data breach for firms. [Read More]
Maybe I'll be selected next year.... :/... [Read More]
Four years experience representing lenders and / or borrowers required. Apply within. [Read More]
like money - come to those who wait. [Read More]
PLI's Annual Institute on Privacy and Cybersecurity Law — now in its 23rd year — offers a deep dive into this critical and dynamic area... [Read More]
Now here's a different approach. [Read More]
This fact pattern should be on a law school final exam, because surely even students can do better! [Read More]
What makes a 'modern lawyer'? The data might surprise you. [Read More]
Finally some good news. [Read More]
At this point only the thinnest rhetorical veneer separates us from corporations simply being able to give money outright to their favorite politicians -- to... [Read More]
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