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Plants Are Nice In Theory: But don't make associates feel better. Hey, Can White People Stop Saying The N-Word? Shouldn't be this... [Read More]
We truly appreciate you. [Read More]
This doesn't seem great. [Read More]
A hostile work environment is real. So is retaliation. It's a big reason why employees are so reluctant to come forward, to call out, to... [Read More]
How is that even fair? [Read More]
New York high-end litigation boutique has rare opening for stellar mid-level litigation associate. [Read More]
No word on whether his major diversity initiative for the company's outside counsel will survive his departure. [Read More]
And that wasn't the judge's only misconduct. [Read More]
Lawyers, paralegals, and executive assistants are not machines. They are more than the hours that they work. [Read More]
Amazing! No other firm has offered anything that even comes close to this. [Read More]
Doesn't take the sting out of a stiff hours requirement. [Read More]
Make sure you've got the right guy. [Read More]
It probably depends on who we're talking about. [Read More]
He allegedly charged gold chains, designer jeans, a pinkie ring, and more to the firm. [Read More]
Bonuses AND raises? [Read More]
* Legal tech startup Rocket Lawyer has raised $223 million to fund its expansion. This should send the company's valuation to the moon... [Fortune]... [Read More]
Butt Injections During Court? That's one way to multitask. Stop Using The N-Word In Classes: Seriously, people. The Chauvin... [Read More]
It's not the only way to become a judge, but it's pretty common. [Read More]
McMorries has never admitted wrongdoing. Nor has he faced criminal or civil charges for the harm he has caused. [Read More]
It is such a rare gift to hear someone say, 'I don't feel like I know enough about this subject to offer an opinion on... [Read More]
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