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It is hard to imagine something more exciting for a lawyer than to be at the forefront of a rapidly developing area of law, while... [Read More]
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* Actor Jussie Smollet is about to go to trial for attempting to manipulate racial tensions to propel his career. He should have done it... [Read More]
I Was Promised Bonuses: And yet we didn't hear about any today. Here's a tracker of what we've heard so far in case any firms... [Read More]
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For a law school that's more about philosophy than law, they'd do well to brush up on Karl Popper. [Read More]
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Your guide to finding the best option for you — and then making it happen. [Read More]
Credit Suisse has reportedly blacklisted Allen & Overy. [Read More]
Why don't we have a better system of social support for people in need? Consider these points. [Read More]
As if federal judges don't claim enough extra-constitutional authority. [Read More]
TFW you confuse your publicity strategy with your legal strategy. [Read More]
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