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Boy band BTS were appointed "special presidential envoys for future generations and culture" ahead of their visit to the UN General Assembly session in New... [Read More]
Four-wicket victoryin Cricket World Cup League Two takes them a step closer to 50-over showpiece event... [Read More]
Researchers tested the impact of music from Frederic Chopin to Judas Priest on 16 volunteers... [Read More]
Tests on mice show amlodipine could help to boost blood flow to the human brain... [Read More]
The eerie image was created by a construction site fire in southwest Washington. [Read More]
Secretary of State Antony Blinken sought to calm French anger over Aukus deal that led to Paris losing $90bn contract... [Read More]
'If there are no sanctions, there will be no progress' MEP leading resolution says... [Read More]
Deal will allow for service and maintenance of US-manufactured helicopters in Saudi Arabia. [Read More]
Financial impact of the transaction will be reflected in the company's third-quarter financial statements... [Read More]
pls put back in copy edit when ready. Thanks, Joel... [Read More]
The amusement park had been noticeably empty since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August. [Read More]
Jordanians on social media have been debating the mystery of a red pond that appeared last week by the Dead Sea. But the exact reason... [Read More]
Extreme weather events will cost the United States well over $100 billion this year, topping last year's cost of $99 billion, said US President Joe... [Read More]
Lebanon's cedar tree, which is depicted on the national flag, the national currency and worn around people's necks, is under threat because of climate change. [Read More]
The land for the shrine, which will welcome around 1,500 worshippers, was allotted by Dubai Government. The temple is located in Jebel Ali... [Read More]
A large number of Afghan children cross Pakistan's Torkham border every day, risking their lives to smuggle goods to feed their families. [Read More]
Worshippers will head to synagogues around the world for a day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday... [Read More]
The south tomb of Djoser's funerary complex is one of the oldest tombs in ancient Egyptian history... [Read More]
The crew of a SpaceX rocketship hope to be the first civilians to attempt to orbit Earth. [Read More]
Market dips 3.7% in July, wiping $13,800 from value of average home... [Read More]
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