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Jaclyn Welcome struggled with mental health and addiction issues for much of her life and became wrapped into a toxic relationship that led to homelessness.... [Read More]
Ashley Johnson Barr disappeared from a Kotzebue playground in 2018. Her body was discovered on the tundra more than two days away after an eight-day,... [Read More]
Alaska's average daily case counts have been trending down significantly statewide, and the state's current statewide alert level is low. [Read More]
The lawsuit stemmed from when law enforcement officials aggressively forced protesters back from Lafayette Square outside of the White House, firing smoke bombs and pepper... [Read More]
The rise in cases may in part be due to the pandemic complicating treatment and outreach efforts, according to a state health official. [Read More]
Updike's command was so complete he had time to fist-bump the runner-up several meters before the two crossed the finish line. [Read More]
If that's too much, then don't fly. That's what my dad would have said. [Read More]
We, Americans, need more such constructive articles and education to make us a better people and a better country. [Read More]
First and foremost, a better venue should be used. [Read More]
I've had more threatening, workplace trouble with female coworkers and supervisors than I've had with men. [Read More]
Most balloons are beautiful, they are wonderful experiences, and they certainly would not affect 360 degrees of "viewshed." [Read More]
Anthony Herring, 21, is facing murder charges in the death of 37-year-old Jaclyn Welcome. [Read More]
The Kodiak price this season was reported as high as $4.25 a pound for the crab that weigh just over 2 pounds on average. The... [Read More]
Paying ransom carries no penalties, and refusing would be almost suicidal for many companies. The consequences could also be dire for the nation. [Read More]
Fear has invaded the Mexican border city of Reynosa after gunmen in vehicles killed 14 people, including taxis drivers, workers and a nursing student, and... [Read More]
Jaclyn Welcome was declared dead at the hospital early Saturday. Four other people who were shot remained in the hospital Sunday, a prosecutor said. [Read More]
Birmingham Museum of Art has several Tlingit items as part of its collection and lists three works by Haida artists. [Read More]
The Kenai Peninsula runner finished sixth in her heat Sunday and will race again Thursday. [Read More]
Histories of Anchorage: Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery has its fair share of cultural and political heavyweights; here are the stories of some of the cemetery's... [Read More]
Norris lopped 78 seconds off his previous course record while winning for the third time in the last five races. [Read More]
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