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Trade, capitalism, secular power—all owe a greater debt to Catholicism than we like to think. [Read More]
It's from a time when women held real power and morality still governed sex. [Read More]
Its shuttering is a loss. But the awful costs of the foreign policy it advocated shouldn't be forgotten. [Read More]
Christian psychiatrist says refusal to assent to transgender dogma will cost doctors their jobs... [Read More]
Nadia Murad is one of 6,500 women and girls who were abducted by ISIS in a country we were supposed to liberate. [Read More]
'I will be executed, but I will not plead guilty' says Chinese pastor. 'My best life is seeing my wife happy' says American pastor... [Read More]
Ecumenical dialogue as 'border negotiations between nonexistent countries'... [Read More]
Ryan T. Anderson says that the proposed compromise between gay rights and religious liberty is a sellout... [Read More]
Bishop shows 'extreme obedience' to Vatican by yielding to government-appointed prelate... [Read More]
By attaching a provision that enables Saudi atrocities in Yemen, House Republicans have done just that. [Read More]
As Scouting possibly heads for bankruptcy, reflecting on how the BSA trashed its own brand... [Read More]
Houellebecq makes a mistake common to defenders of Trump's foreign policy: he invests great importance in the fleeting, superficial rhetoric that the president sometimes uses... [Read More]
No Yemenis are testifying before Congress. We asked 100 of them to speak about the war. Shireen Al-Adeimi collected and translated statements about the war... [Read More]
For almost a century, the architecture establishment has insisted on rigid ideology. [Read More]
There will never be true reform until law enforcement and prosecutors are held accountable for breaking the rules. [Read More]
Not satisfied with Vietnam, Iraq, and our current Afghanistan policy failures, this neoconservative pines for the liberal world order. [Read More]
S.J.Res. 54 challenges decades of Congressional acquiescence to illegal presidential warmaking. [Read More]
Middle-school parenting in Weimar America... [Read More]
The bad boy French novelist says Trump is an 'appalling clown,' but the best president he's ever seen... [Read More]
The passage of the resolution is an important victory in reclaiming Congressional war powers and it is the first vote of its kind under the... [Read More]