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When you get home from work and fire up Netflix on the Chromecast tonight, you might notice that something's a bit different today. The company... [Read More]
A bit over a week ago, an Android phone with a PDA/laptop form-factor called the Cosmo Communicator hit Indiegogo. I know, I know, crowdfund projects... [Read More]
Outlook is one of the most popular third-party email apps on Android, and it keeps getting better. Only a few months after rolling out dark... [Read More]
There are many reasons to prefer Chrome OS over other operating systems. It's lightweight, always up to date, and isn't susceptible to traditional... [Read More]
If you haven't heard of Scroll by now (where have you been?), it's this nifty service that removes ads from 300 of your favorite news... [Read More]
Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ might be the new true wireless hotness, but the original model is still really great, with decent battery life, pleasing sound... [Read More]
When it comes to the software on smartphones with folding displays (or, at least, a display field that can close in on itself), manufacturers are... [Read More]
It's going to be getting warm soon in the northern hemisphere, and along with a new season will come plenty of opportunities for heat and... [Read More]
Welcome to Wednesday, everyone. It's the middle of the week, and so this is a slower time for sales, but that doesn't mean I don't... [Read More]
Samsung started updating Good Lock, its one-stop-shop for customization, earlier this month to support Android 10. Notably absent was Sound Assistant, a... [Read More]
Asus revealed its new flagship Chromebook at CES earlier this month, the Flip C436. Compared to the previous C434, it offers a thinner design, significant... [Read More]
If today's the day you're thinking of picking up a security camera, you might want to click fast on this deal for the Amazon Cloud... [Read More]
While the concept of "inbox zero" is appealing in theory, many of us just fail to achieve it. Instead, we do our best to archive... [Read More]
Bluetooth speakers are a dime-a-dozen these days, but a true audio system that happens to include Bluetooth connectivity is something you don't see on the... [Read More]
Fast chargers are becoming more and more necessary thanks to larger battery capacities and power-hungry apps, so finding a reliable and space-efficient... [Read More]
Anker has a great reputation with its products and customer service, and its Bluetooth speakers are always pretty impressive. That includes its new... [Read More]
Yi Technology's Kami subbrand is known for its inexpensive but well-built smart home devices, including security technology. After introducing its first... [Read More]
Gmail's spam and malware filters are among the best in the industry and block 99.9% of threats from reaching inboxes, according to Google. That doesn't... [Read More]
OnePlus' OxygenOS is among the best custom Android skins out there as it enhances the OS with thoughtful additions without changing up too much. The... [Read More]
Last year, Google finished its slow rollout of the newly Material-themed web interface for Contacts. While the visual upgrade was inarguably prettier, it... [Read More]
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