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Want to know who got $115 million in business grants? Here's the list. [Read More]
A new court filing says the state has failed to complete a sufficient environmental assessment to qualify for exclusion from the law requiring a full... [Read More]
The city is granting a brief reprieve on parking tickets, until June 1. [Read More]
Another search warrant seeks to mine Linda Collins' Google email for information in the investigation of her murder. [Read More]
Inconvenient truths: People are going back to work and coronavirus case numbers continue to rise. [Read More]
Stay home if you can, be safe, do stuff like this. [Read More]
The governor's daily COVID-19 briefing... [Read More]
No, we won't let Mike Preston get away with his incomplete alibi on the initial insider coddling and fouled-up Ready for Business grant program. [Read More]
Attention artists: The Arkansas Times is publishing the Arkansas Coloring Book this summer, and is issuing a call for entries for line drawings to go... [Read More]
Rough handling for the governor in light of eased restrictions and rising coronavirus cases. [Read More]
Resumption of services at two Fort Smith churches was suspended after they discovered a person with COVID-19 had attended services a week ago. [Read More]
Well we had a little news after all, from federal court. [Read More]
Federal Judge P.K. Holmes has given some help to a group attempting to qualify for the November ballot a constitutional amendment to change the process... [Read More]
A Memorial Day ceremony and another day of a rise in the COVID-19 toll. [Read More]
Lakeside crowds mark Memorial Day in Arkansas. Will you be there? [Read More]
Haven't heard yet where Donald Trump worshipped today. Photos welcome of those outdoors in Arkansas today, unlike the "un-American" types Asa referenced on Fox News... [Read More]
Summer kicks off with massive crowds partying up close and personal. [Read More]
Fox News Sunday today features Gov. Asa Hutchinson. [Read More]
A newspaper frontpage turns the number 1,000 into names and places, giving human faces to the coronavirus death toll. [Read More]
A quiet news roundup mostly, but the COVID-19 case load continues to climb. [Read More]
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