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The internet's file format has been diagnosed as "cringe," but there are other threats to its existence. [Read More]
The practice can be a salve for anxiety—or just a cozy way to spend a fall day: Your weekly guide to the best in books... [Read More]
WaaaAAAaaaaaAaaHhh! [Read More]
If horror villains mirror society's deepest anxieties, embracing them draws attention to who or what is deemed worthy of fear. [Read More]
The contrast with his opponent renders it all the more egregious. [Read More]
What the fratricidal fury of the country's civil war a century ago can teach us about the invasion of Ukraine... [Read More]
Millennial and Gen Z voters have serious power in the South. [Read More]
Ahead of the midterm elections, the president issues a blanket pardon for those convicted of the federal offense of simple possession of marijuana. [Read More]
Vann R. Newkirk II on the voluntary—and involuntary—movements putting people across the country in harm's way... [Read More]
Can an island that keeps getting pummeled by hurricanes ever be free? [Read More]
For Black women scholars like me, democracy's failures remain our burden to shoulder... [Read More]
To counter a global trend toward gerontocracy, Britain's new monarch should retire at 75. [Read More]
Charles III is far more interested in the benefits of traditional English hedgerows than the great, global glory of Britain. [Read More]
Mourning Elizabeth II showed her kingdom at its best. [Read More]
A mystery roils in the depths of Europa. [Read More]
Even in paradise, death lurks. [Read More]
A trail of death and destruction running to billions of dollars seems to make a strong case for climate-change reparations. But will the world heed... [Read More]
Students need more exposure to the way everyday things work and are made. [Read More]
Our instincts often steer us to love things and use people. We need to do the opposite. [Read More]
An Arizona law seeks to solve the problem of police misconduct by preventing anyone from documenting it. [Read More]
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