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The best thing about Anker is the fact that it makes the best charging accessories on the planet, and they're always available at surprisingly low... [Read More]
You know how you tried a bunch of different protein bars over the years and landed on one that you think is the best-tasting protein... [Read More]
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It's one of the most iconic scenes of the original Matrix film, released back in 1999. That moment when Morpheus, in his low and calming... [Read More]
If you were to list the creatures that scare you today, turtles probably wouldn't be near the top of the list. Sure, a snapping turtle... [Read More]
The coronavirus is a real concern right now, especially if you happen to live in a heavily-populated area and worry about potential infections. The new... [Read More]
With scientists and researchers still working hard to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the epidemic is having a tangible impact on manufacturing in China.... [Read More]
Boston Dynamics has been striking fear into the hearts of the general public for years now. The company's robotic creations are incredible, and sometimes a... [Read More]
It's probably fitting that I've already had to fend off one robocall while typing this. "This," being the following news — if you're reading these... [Read More]
Google late last week released a beta version of Chrome 81 for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Google's latest Chrome update isn't necessarily... [Read More]
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A teenager in Oklahoma is crediting the Apple Watch for alerting him to a serious heart condition that may have otherwise gone undetected. In a... [Read More]
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