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Matt Ludtke. Shutterstock Images.This season just feels different. Don't get me wrong, it felt different last season, but that was partly because Mike McCarthy's negativity... [Read More]
"The Ravens gonna get a Super Bowl out of me. Believe that." - Lamar Demeatrice Jackson JrNearly 3 years ago Lamar made that pledge on... [Read More]
I'm a simple man with simple pleasures and one of those pleasures is watching a bunch of grown ass men play a game where they... [Read More]
Up next: Firehouse Taverna (Tarzana, CA)You can never go wrong with Firehouse Taverna where they serve all your favorite Greek meals. The owner "keeps his... [Read More]
I hope you tailed me last night. 4-0 isn't gonna happen too often. But the Sens are who I thought the were: a scrappy team... [Read More]
Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox. Getty Images.SURPRISE, SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER. THE KING IS BACK!No, it's not Trevor Bauer. It's not a trade for a bonafide ace, either.... [Read More]
Jeff Bottari. Getty Images.As I've mentioned in my previous blogs today, I'm currently on a 15 hour flight over to Fight Island without access to... [Read More]
We had Buffalo Sabres captain on this week's Spittin' Chiclets to talk about the upcoming season, his new puppy, being a Pats fan in #BillsMafia,... [Read More]
OH MY GOD! THE LEECH FUCKIN DID IT!I can't believe how quickly these knockouts are comin in. I'm on my flight to Abu Dhabi right... [Read More]
Plain and simple, it's one of the rare times that John Calipari just flat out lost a game for Kentucky. This isn't playing the Harrison... [Read More]
Up next: Tia Margarita (San Francisco, CA)A local favorite since 1963, Tia Margarita is a landmark, award-winning restaurant that offers traditional Mexican recipes and margaritas... [Read More]
Welcome back to the playoff stat lab. Here are the stats and trends I compiled for Advisors this week. Lines courtesy of the Barstool Sportsbook, subject... [Read More]
Joaquin Buckley pretty much unanimously earned himself Knockout of the Year honors at the end of 2020 with his highlight-reel spinnin shit........but today, unfortunately, he's... [Read More]
So uhhh, that's it?! That's Khabib's big decision?! He'll watch the fights this weekend and THINK ABOUT IT if someone does something spectacular? Does that... [Read More]
Shake Shake Shake with Bonus Soda Review... [Read More]
Up next: Unionville Tavern (Hawthorne, NY)Unionville Tavern is the perfect place to bring the family for a meal or go and watch the big game... [Read More]
I don't need the actual response that Miller is just walking at the same exact speed of the ad banner, just what the fuck is... [Read More]
Here is me yesterday, just minding my business and trying to give my guy Mikey Fowler a compliment. Mikey is the Head of Audio(or something... [Read More]
WEEZY. F. BABY. 10 years ago Lil Wayne dropped the original 'Green and Yellow' hype song that catapulted the Packers to hoisting the Lombardi trophy. Now... [Read More]
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