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Step aside James Harden, we found a new fat guy taking over the sports world. Meet Gauthier Mvumbi and according to my research he's the... [Read More]
 My man! Look at that grin. That shit eating grin!  I love it. Some would say James Harden is in the best shape of his entire... [Read More]
Brooklyn's decision to trade for James Harden represents a MATERIAL change in circumstances. The Nets mortgaging their future for the next decade is a MATERIAL... [Read More]
It's actually upsetting we didn't have Shaq and Chuck on TV the night the trade went down. Feel like there needs to be an emergency... [Read More]
James Harden "The Brooklyn Fridge" has eaten his way out of Houston and deserves all of the accolades in the world for making this season... [Read More]
Believe it or not, right after you act like a huge asshole and force your way out of a city might not be the best... [Read More]
With James Harden gone, basically all the focus now shifts to what the Rockets are going to do with PJ Tucker. There's no reason they... [Read More]
For months, rumors had swirled surrounding James Harden's future with the Rockets. Multiple teams from multiple conferences had expressed interest and the predictions began to... [Read More]
I can't stop going back and reading these quotes after the James Harden trade. DeMarcus Cousins was ready to pick James Harden's fat ass up... [Read More]
Getty Images.Has everyone caught their breath yet? My head is still spinning in a way that only NBA trades can bring. Best league ever, not... [Read More]
Whoooooooooaaaaaa baby. HUGE news on a Wednesday out of the NBA. James Harden is heading to Brooklyn, Brooklyn is sending a boatload of picks and... [Read More]
What's better than one disgruntled superstar guard? Two! The Brooklyn Nets decided to push the Kyrie saga to the back burner and bring in Harden.... [Read More]
Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.I've been pretty open on this here website with the fact that I am a gigantic James Harden guy. I've been on... [Read More]
Should we consider the source here? Maybe, but who has time for that. Yes, I know who tweeted that thread but at the same time,... [Read More]
Well goddamn. Trade demands don't get much louder than that. And they don't get more easily set up to be roasted by NBA fans far... [Read More]
I love James Harden. You make an athlete fat I instantly like that athlete exponentially more. The relatability is without compare. Look at him out... [Read More]
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