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I consider it a shame that some of the letters you print are for the sole purpose of gratifying the ego of the letter writer... [Read More]
It seems we are experiencing pandemonium during a pandemic.How else to explain the confusion and insurmountable task of trying to differentiate fact from... [Read More]
Question: I see Gov. Tom Wolf signed a law allowing curbside drinks to go. How is this even legal? What about DUI laws and restrictions... [Read More]
If Twitter applied rules to all, controversial things would still be said and debated by the American people, on Twitter and off. Twitter just wouldn't... [Read More]
It seems that social distancing and mask wearing have become victims of the political/cultural war in our country and that is a real shame.These... [Read More]
Several white Beaver County leaders are denouncing the Minneapolis killing of a black man by a police officer. [Read More]
The state has shipped out enough supplies since March to test more than 67,000 patients in health-care facilities for COVID-19. [Read More]
A recent poll shows that half of Americans say they'll get a COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes available. [Read More]
Academically and athletically, Jake Gartley summed up his four years at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart by saying "I got the whole experience." [Read More]
Stephen 'Steve' 'Bogie' Bogar Formerly of Hopewell Township Stephen 'Steve' 'Bogie' Bogar, 78, formerly of Hopewell Twp., died May 23, 2020, after a... [Read More]
The U.S. is about to experience the most comprehensive economic awakening since World War II. After months of economic lockdown coast-to-coast, we are on... [Read More]
Although I agree with the commissioners that Beaver County should have opened with the rest of southwestern Pennsylvania, I do not think a press... [Read More]
Due to the parameters of the distancing rules, our worship centers have been closed. Maybe the governor and his lackeys heard about overall dwindling... [Read More]
Stephen 'Steve' 'Bogie' Bogar Formerly of Hopewell Township Stephen 'Steve' 'Bogie' Bogar, 78, formerly of Hopewell Twp., died May 23, 2020, after a... [Read More]
Robert C. Boyde Sr. Brighton Township Robert C. Boyde, Sr., 76, of Brighton Twp., passed away surrounded by his family, Tuesday, May 26, 2020.... [Read More]
Every time I see President Trump, it reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt's biggest mistake was not running for president directly after he... [Read More]
Trump has transformed America well beyond COVID-19 and the economy. He's eviscerated transparency, accountability, accuracy and competence, for a start. [Read More]
In the advent of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, our legislators have been considering a flurry of bills. Some bills have been genuinely needed... [Read More]
Unbelievable, unfathomable, unimaginable. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe the decision by many U.S. governors to continue to allow... [Read More]
One can only imagine the number of unprosecuted, unpublicized horrors that were perpetrated against minorities in the pre-civil rights-era South in... [Read More]
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