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The horrific incident happened the same day the House presented a bill pushed by the animal activist... [Read More]
'This generation will be judged by its response to China's effort'... [Read More]
Cruz called him a "clown" and implied he was secretly a Democrat... [Read More]
The Supreme Court ruled against California Governor Gavin Newsom's lockdown orders and coronavirus pandemic restrictions against churches and houses of worship. [Read More]
'We have to do what's best for this country'... [Read More]
The Trump family considers its political future... [Read More]
Fauci will continue to head the government's coronavirus response policies... [Read More]
Would you look at that... [Read More]
Kyle Rittenhouse to stand trial on all 6 counts in the case related to the fatal shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during protests and riots in... [Read More]
The lawsuit alleges that Facebook discriminated against U.S. workers... [Read More]
On the nose... [Read More]
The divided panel determined the matter should be taken up in a lower court... [Read More]
They don't find jokes about killing the president to be funny... [Read More]
A hearing was held by the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Wednesday to hear the sworn eyewitness testimony of concerned election poll workers. In this... [Read More]
Sorry, what? [Read More]
'This guy, I'm telling you ... he's bad news'... [Read More]
Trump wants Congress to reform Big Tech protections before he signs the National Defense Authorization Act... [Read More]
They said they would get vaccinated to prove to the public that it's safe and effective... [Read More]
Supporters rallied for Mac's Public House in Staten Island, protest erupts after New York City bar owner was arrested and the restaurant was shut down... [Read More]
Both social media giants are taking steps to expand enforcement of their rules against hate speech... [Read More]
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