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He's very upset Trump unraveled his climate change policies... [Read More]
'People don't know what's going on here. Now they will'... [Read More]
City leaders in Laredo, Texas, have moved to criminalize the act of entering a public building without a facial covering amid the coronavirus pandemic. Violators... [Read More]
Locations across the Midwest have been shut down over COVID-19 fears... [Read More]
Rachel Maddow did not challenge the Chinese propaganda pushed by her guest... [Read More]
.Here's Crowder to explain why Samantha Bee and the rest of the late-night roster are lazy hacks. Take it away, Crowder... [Read More]
Walmart, Target, and other stores have been forced to 'close aisles, close portions of the store, or remove items from the floor'... [Read More]
The coronavirus has turned out millions of new gun owners... [Read More]
The former vice president's offer comes after White House counselor Kellie Ann Conway suggested he 'offer some support' rather than just criticizing from 'his bunker'... [Read More]
Is this what's important right now? [Read More]
No fun in the sun... [Read More]
Yes, they're arresting pastors now... [Read More]
The Woonsocket (Rhode Island) School Department is investigating a teacher accused of asking COVID-19 victims to cough on President Donald Trump, WJAR-TV reported."Somebody with Covid... [Read More]
Imagine you've found proof your wife is cheating. Naturally, you confront her about her infidelity, and her go-to response is to deny the allegations. [Read More]
The women on "The View" praised President Donald Trump for his stance on the COVID-19 outbreak sweeping the nation and the rest of the world.... [Read More]
'Now we can all really see where the actual hate comes from'... [Read More]
'If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price'... [Read More]
The policy has changed more than once recently... [Read More]
Convention is still set for July... [Read More]
The numbers are 'fake'... [Read More]
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