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hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)It is possible for humans to get older without getting smarter or wiser. In fact, there is an entire segment of things that... [Read More]
hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)Under this warrior moon, the rules of battle are relevant, and not to be confused with the rules of war. The one who... [Read More]
ready to settle old debts, sign new …... [Read More]
hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)There's a balance of power that's ripe for the toppling today. The ones in the middle have been afraid to upset certain people... [Read More]
hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)The playful Leo moon is set aflame by the passionate Sagittarian sun. Good feelings move us, and we follow through by singing to... [Read More]
hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)A soft, diffused Pisces lunar influence glows through the hazy start of 2020. Take a moment to get right internally. We must decide... [Read More]
hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)Mars and Neptune focus on feelings while Venus and Pluto judge quantitative matters like cost and value. Keep in mind that the minutia... [Read More]
Mercury in Scorpio was a time to respect privacy, follow decorum, be discreet and keep secrets out of loyalty. In the weeks to come, such... [Read More]
hhd@get.creators.com (Holiday Mathis)The celestial event of the winter solstice has long inspired humankind, the proof of which shows up in the poetry of mystics, the... [Read More]
It's really no fun to own up to mistakes, but it's worse to ignore them. In handling the old karma, you make new and different... [Read More]
Explorer Roald Amundsen said, "Victory awaits him who has everything in order." One can only hope that after such a claim, he then paused to... [Read More]
Blowhard Curt Schilling will have a plaque in Cooperstown one day, probably soon. He already has a bloody sock there, and many believe it's his... [Read More]
With its dominant performances, Franklin's starters have routinely gotten the chance to rest come fourth quarters. But No. 11 Foxboro didn't give the top-ranked Panthers... [Read More]
Just when it seemed the Bruins were back on track, they suffered another crack in the armor on Sunday. They'll enter the All-Star break with... [Read More]
Gov. Charlie Baker doubled down on his support for the controversial Transportation Climate Initiative and took it a step further in his State of the... [Read More]
A South End resident said his court battle to save the Harriet Tubman House that a Suffolk County judge called "false hope" on Tuesday underscores... [Read More]
Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick made his foreign policy pitch Tuesday, but political watchers criticized the struggling presidential hopeful for focusing on an area of... [Read More]
Deval Patrick will officially open the home base of his long-shot 2020 presidential campaign in Massachusetts Wednesday staffed by a motley crew of former political... [Read More]
Four years after Justina Pelletier's case kindled a national debate about whether doctors can overrule parents on their children's care, lawyers for the family alleged... [Read More]
Ian O'Reilly killed the rabid animal with his hands to save his kids... [Read More]
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