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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
After a warning from the head of three power companies, the government has announced that it will restart a coal-fired plant this winter. [Read More]
The Vatican announced Monday that Pope Francis' trip to two African nations has been definitively canceled. [Read More]
Cai Qi, the Chinese Communist Party secretary of Beijing, says "zero-Covid" restrictions and lockdowns could persiste for five years or more. [Read More]
An animal rights group operating within China said Chinese police have blocked photos of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival this year. [Read More]
At least 11 people died and 251 more were injured after a large cylinder containing "toxic gas" exploded at a Aqaba Port, Jordan. [Read More]
Government officials in South Africa's Eastern Cape province said at least 21 teenagers were "found dead" at a bar on Sunday morning. [Read More]
Chinese state media contributor Danny Haiphong on Sunday touted the easy availability of abortions in China and other authoritarian nations. [Read More]
Chinese officials punished a 70-year-old man for attempting to slap a police officer after the officer assaulted his daughter. [Read More]
Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and the Democrat-run state legislature struck a deal to send cash rebates to California families to buy gas. [Read More]
At least 4 people were killed and hundreds more injured after stands full of spectators collapsed during a bullfight exhibition in Colombia. [Read More]
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) targeted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with vulgar language at a Saturday pride parade. [Read More]
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani wants the grocery store worker accused of slapping his back prosecuted, NBC News reported Monday. [Read More]
An open letter allegedly signed by Amazon employees has called upon the company to cease business in pro-life states among other demands. ... [Read More]
An Arizona food delivery driver was shot and killed after her last delivery but snapped a photo of the suspect before her death, police say. [Read More]
Police near San Antonio report that 42 migrants are dead and at least 18 others were transported to local hospitals after being locked inside a... [Read More]
David Valadao Monday advanced to the general election in California's 22nd District against Rudy Salas (D), according to Associated Press. ... [Read More]
French hurdler Wilfried Happio won his national title race Saturday, despite being forced to wear an eye patch during the race. [Read More]
President Joe Biden left Hunter Biden a voicemail in 2018 about a business deal with Chinese energy giant CEFC. [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Breitbart News that the right is "winning" the culture war, adding, "I Can See It, I Can Feel... [Read More]
President Joe Biden's federal agencies have greenlit a plan by Colorado officials to provide subsidized health insurance to illegal aliens. [Read More]
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