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The Vatican announced Wednesday that anyone traveling aboard the papal flight to Iraq in March must first receive the coronavirus vaccine. [Read More]
SAGE has blamed "structural and institutional racism" for the reticence amongst ethnic minorities to take the coronavirus vaccine. [Read More]
Police in Berlin broke up a church service of around 170 people over the weekend for violating Germany's Chinese coronavirus lockdown rules. [Read More]
India has begun supplying coronavirus vaccines to its neighboring countries, as the world's largest vaccine making nation strikes a balance between... [Read More]
The DOJ has closed its probe into Sen. Richard Burr's sale of upwards of $1.72 million in stock ahead of the novel coronavirus outbreak. [Read More]
China has shut down at least 11 regions as of Monday and is facing major Chinese coronavirus outbreaks throughout the country. [Read More]
President-elect Joe Biden began the events for his Inauguration with a memorial ceremony for the 400,000 deaths from the coronavirus. [Read More]
A Chinese province makes a show of chastising 16 officials for "neglecting their duties in the viral fight," as state media put it. [Read More]
Jim Banks and Jason Smith wrote a letter to Rosa DeLauro, requesting that she advance a bill to remove wasteful spending. [Read More]
China and the World Health Organization were both slow and ineffective in their response to the first stages of the coronavirus outbreak. [Read More]
Monthly suicide rates in Japan increased by 16 percent from July to October 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. [Read More]
Government officials in China have sealed off eleven regions across three provinces to curb the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. [Read More]
The world was not prepared to battle the coronavirus, an independent World Health Organization panel said in an interim report that also... [Read More]
The governor of China's Hebei province accuses a medical agency of falsifying test results and demanded a re-screening. [Read More]
Los Angeles County is lifting restrictions on how many bodies can be cremated due to surging deaths due to the coronavirus. [Read More]
A Gallup survey released Monday found a modest reduction in the number of U.S. residents saying the COVID-19 pandemic was "getting... [Read More]
Socialist Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro announced the establishment on Sunday of a "National Scientific Center for Ozone." [Read More]
Former New York State Democratic Party leader John Sullivan received the coronavirus vaccine in Gov. Ron DeSantis's (R) Florida. [Read More]
The world must share the coronavirus vaccine more equally, the chief of the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) lamented Monday. [Read More]
Norway has upped its estimate of the number of people who have died after receiving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to 29, Bloomberg reports. [Read More]
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