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The vast majority of the Gitmo prisoners have received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the U.S. military announced. [Read More]
The Biden administration is using celebrities as part of a push to encourage people to get the coronavirus vaccine. Actresses Eva Longoria and Kelly Ripa,... [Read More]
The Chinese Foreign Ministry and state media attack W.H.O. for refusing to rule out the lab leak hypothesis of the coronavirus's origin. [Read More]
Established wedding shops in northern India have been forced to sell cremation items in recent months amid the coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
President Joe Biden urged more Americans to get their coronavirus vaccine Wednesday, warning they still had "more to do" before July 4. [Read More]
Netflix shares plummeted late Tuesday and into Wednesday as the streaming entertainment giant warned of weaker-than-expected subscriber growth in the months ahead. The slowdown comes... [Read More]
More than 170,000 people in the U.S. have died from the coronavirus during President Joe Biden's first three months in office. [Read More]
Chinese officials announced that companies manufacturing coronavirus vaccines would significantly increase their production. [Read More]
Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has yet to inform the public if he has been inoculated against the Chinese coronavirus or if he plans to be. [Read More]
Industry CEOs believe President Biden's coronavirus relief plan is adding to a labor shortage for restaurants by paying people to stay home. [Read More]
A French socialist mayor has been urged to resign after she was caught breaking the coronavirus lockdown curfew to visit a Ramadan market. [Read More]
Pope Francis has called for a month-long prayer marathon to ask God for a swift end to the coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
Foreign-born residents in France had double the excess mortality of native French during the first waves of the coronavirus last year. [Read More]
France has become the first member-state in the European Union to trial a digital travel certificate displaying coronavirus test results. [Read More]
The State Department said it is posting "Do not Travel" guidance to 80 percent of countries worldwide because of the coronavirus. [Read More]
The Chinese coronavirus pandemic has allowed dozens of countries around the world to expand the power of their central governments. [Read More]
A pot activist is planning to offer joints in New York's Union Square Park on Tuesday to adults with a valid coronavirus vaccination card. [Read More]
Two groups of liberal Tories are pressuring Johnson to "follow President Biden's lead" and give all young people £500 in coronavirus funds. [Read More]
Columbia University will mandate that its students get coronavirus vaccines in order to return to in-person classes in the fall. Students will still be forced... [Read More]
Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg condemned "high-income countries" for vaccinating young, healthy citizens against Chinese coronavirus. [Read More]
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