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The NRSC slammed Senate Democrats Wednesday for embracing amnesty and open borders on day one of President Joe Biden's administration. [Read More]
The 1776 Commission was removed from the White House website after President Joe Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday. [Read More]
Biden's amnesty plan ncludes few mentions of American families while championing the demands of migrants, employers, and investors. [Read More]
Left-wing celebrities, many of whom have spent the last four years publicly lambasting Donald Trump, gushed over President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris... [Read More]
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Wednesday praised President Joe Biden's inaugural address. | Clips... [Read More]
President Joe Biden is urging Americans to stand up to the "lies told for power and for profit" in an effort to bridge the nation's... [Read More]
At Joe Biden's inaugural celebration, pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez delivered a rendition of America the Beautiful into which she injected a line of... [Read More]
President Joe Biden is authorizing the DOJ to reinstate an Obama-era rule that allowed prosecutors to allow defendants to pay outside groups. [Read More]
The fashion at President Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday brought a series of clashing color combinations and a lack of cohesion. [Read More]
President Joe Biden delivered his inaugural speech Wednesday, repeatedly calling for unity while demonizing some fellow Americans as... [Read More]
Despite Joe Biden's calls for "unity" and "healing," his rageful friends in Hollywood are spending the day hurling insults and profanity at President Donald Trump... [Read More]
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered people to watch the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from home as she attends in person. [Read More]
Climate change advocates Chrissy Teigen and NBC's "The Voice" star John Legend were seen, as the Daily Mail reported, boarding a private jet in California on Tuesday as they... [Read More]
Antifa organizers call for "targeted destruction" and "direct action" across the country during the inauguration of Joe Biden. [Read More]
Politics... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders said Joe Biden is inheriting the "worst economy since the Great Depression" from Donald Trump. [Read More]
House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday morning that Democrat President-elect Joe Biden should... [Read More]
President Donald Trump continued a presidential tradition by leaving a letter for incoming President Joe Biden at the Oval Office. [Read More]
After he is sworn in Wednesday as president of the United States, Joe Biden is expected to sign a flurry of executive orders that will... [Read More]
As President Donald Trump leaves office ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration, here's another look at 12 foreign policies he delivered for... [Read More]
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