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Thousands of voters who helped Democrats install President Joe Biden are now switching to Republicans, analysis released Monday shows. [Read More]
Clips... [Read More]
President Joe Biden lashed Russia's overnight bombing of Ukraine's capital Kyiv as he joined the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Germany. [Read More]
U.S. President Joe Biden says that the United States and other G7 leading economies intend to announce a ban on imports of gold from Russia. [Read More]
Most New Hampshire residents do not want President Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024, a polll this week found. [Read More]
Fifty-eight percent of voters say President Joe Biden should take a cognitive health test and reveal the results to the American public. [Read More]
President Joe Biden signed a gun control package Saturday, noting that he was pleased to sign it but "there's much more work to do." [Read More]
The House sent President Joe Biden the most wide-ranging gun violence bill Congress has passed in decades on Friday, a measured... [Read More]
President Joe Biden reacted to the decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday, expressing his strong disagreement. [Read More]
President Joe Biden is drawing intense criticism from conservatives over his calls to Congress for a months-long gas tax holiday. [Read More]
Sen.Tom Carper (D-DE) labeled President Joe Biden's calls for a three-month-long federal gas tax holiday "shortsighted and inefficient." [Read More]
President Joe Biden expressed frustration Thursday with the Supreme Court's ruling defending private gun ownership in New York. [Read More]
The media are uneasy about President Joe Biden's age heading into the presidential election cycle after the November midterm elections. [Read More]
The U.S. has requested Israel cut down its reception ceremony at Tel Aviv's airport for President Joe Biden's arrival next month. [Read More]
President Joe Biden on Wednesday again promoted his infrastructure dreams of taking people out of their gas-powered vehicles. [Read More]
President Joe Biden's energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, stated that she does not know what oil companies need to produce more gasoline. [Read More]
On Wednesday's broadcast of CNN's "The Lead," Senior Adviser to President Joe Biden Gene Sperling said that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's | Clips... [Read More]
President Joe Biden is responding to the parents' rights movement that is sweeping the nation by setting up a leftist national council. [Read More]
President Joe Biden demanded Wednesday that gas stations start lowering their prices, in his latest attempt to address record-high prices. [Read More]
House Democrats are not convinced President Joe Biden's gas tax holiday is the correct method to reduce pain at the pump for consumers. ... [Read More]
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