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US Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday defended the firing of a naval commander whose plea for help for a coronavirus-affected crew... [Read More]
White House hopeful Joe Biden said Sunday he would wear a mask in public amid the coronavirus pandemic and that the Democratic Party's... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Saturday he believed US sports leagues hit by the coronavirus pandemic would resume "sooner rather than... [Read More]
Just three weeks ago, Miguel Rodriguez was enjoying a pleasant life, working as a waiter in a Maryland restaurant in a job he held for... [Read More]
Two members of the Kennedy political dynasty, including a grand-niece of John F. Kennedy, are now presumed dead after they went missing... [Read More]
The tens of millions of Americans who lack health insurance will be covered by the government if they fall sick with the COVID-19... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Friday recommended that Americans cover their faces with masks when outdoors, a policy U-turn following... [Read More]
The US government has begun advising people to wear masks if they go outside, pointing to research that shows the coronavirus could be... [Read More]
Amid a constant swirl of grim coronavirus news, the surreal tale of a gay, mullet-wearing private zookeeper who calls himself "Joe... [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced Friday he was firing a senior intelligence official who had a central role in the complaint last... [Read More]
US politicians have voiced fury over Beijing's handling of the coronavirus crisis but they face a harsh truth... [Read More]
Internet users have seen a surge in COVID-related cyberattacks and fraud schemes which could add to the misery of the pandemic, even as... [Read More]
The financial rating agency Standard and Poor's confirmed on Thursday the AA+ rating for the United States' long-term debt despite the... [Read More]
The coronavirus disrupted the US presidential race Thursday when Democrats were forced to postpone their national convention until... [Read More]
The Pentagon removed the captain of the coronavirus-stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt Thursday, saying he mishandled communications over... [Read More]
Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden said Thursday he was finalizing plans to speak by telephone with President Donald Trump about... [Read More]
The United States on Thursday relaxed rules that prevent many gay men from giving blood in an effort to tackle a severe shortage of... [Read More]
Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden called Thursday for the United States to ease sanctions on Iran to reduce suffering as... [Read More]
A senior US official on Thursday rejected allegations from French politicians that Americans have been snapping up Chinese masks... [Read More]
The main US disaster response agency has asked the Defense Department for 100,000 body bags as the toll mounts from the novel... [Read More]
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