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Kemal Kirişci, Mine Eder, and Mert Arslanalp mark a year of creative resistance at Turkey's Boğaziçi University to university leadership imposed by the country's president,... [Read More]
This piece lays out nine actions every state should take in the development and implementation of its broadband plan to achieve Congress' goal of universal... [Read More]
That the much-heralded "Race to 5G" should be held back because of a lack of proper policy coordination by the originators of the "race" slogan... [Read More]
Lesly Goh explains the possibilities of linking millions of smallholder farmers directly with technology platforms and market information. [Read More]
After years of struggling to get inflation up to their publicly-announced targets, several episodes of short-term interest rates hitting the effective lower bound, and substantial... [Read More]
Brad Olsen discusses four paradoxes of global education in celebration of International Day of Education. [Read More]
It may be on local and state leaders to address these needs. [Read More]
H.E. Hakainde Hichilema, president of the Republic of Zambia, outlines his administration's focus over the next five years. [Read More]
Aloysius Uche Ordu introduces this year's Foresight Africa report. [Read More]
Foresight AfricaReport 2022 Chapter 01 01 Africa's economic recovery Financing robust post-pandemic growth 02 Public health Ensuring equal access and self-sufficiency 03 African women and... [Read More]
Muhammad Ali Pate shares eight recommendations to shape the emergence of a brighter future of health in Africa. [Read More]
H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shares recent successes in increased gender equality and argues for further efforts to increase the representation of women in leadership. [Read More]
Greg Mills and Marie-Noelle Nwokolo explore the potential of a strengthened ASEAN-Africa relationship through deeper economic ties and peer learning on strategies to boost economic... [Read More]
Landry Signé outlines seven priorities for policymakers looking to enable and harness the future of technology for a prosperous Africa. [Read More]
Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez and Aloysius Uche Ordu outline four distinct opportunities for decisive, urgent climate action at COP27. [Read More]
In Foresight Africa 2022, experts capture the top priorities for the region in the coming year, offering recommendations for African and global stakeholders for creating... [Read More]
As so many Middle Easterners use social media, manipulating these platforms is an inexpensive way for regimes to influence large audiences. [Read More]
In an interview with Ryan Hass, Adam Liff discusses the Japan-Taiwan relationship this past year and evaluates the future of this relationship in 2022. [Read More]
Flavio Calvino and Chiara Criscuolo examine the role of technology in the productivity gap between frontier firms and the rest. [Read More]
Have Republicans changed their minds about proxy voting? [Read More]
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