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Max Bouchet and Landon Webber share highlights from a conversation with Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees on cities' front-line role in COVID-19 response and lessons in... [Read More]
In Charts of the Week this week, food hardship during coronavirus; the estate tax; and the diversity of America's young generations. [Read More]
We break down CDC data for three health conditions known to increase the risk associated with COVID – hypertension, obesity, and diabetes – by race... [Read More]
Geoffrey Gertz explains the Trump administration's executive orders banning Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat from the U.S. market. [Read More]
Ben Collins, Brandy Zadrozny, Quinta Jurecic, and Evelyn Douek discuss the origins, spread, and dangers of far-right conspiracy theory, QAnon. [Read More]
Mike Hais and Morley Winograd write that women are favoring Democratic candidates in enough key Senate races that a Democratic majority is possible in 2021. [Read More]
Because the white population is aging and declining in number among younger age groups, it is important that the 2020 census reflects the full diversity... [Read More]
Nonprofit Educate! shares lessons learned while navigating the digital divide in Eastern Africa. [Read More]
The ultimate results of the phase one trade deal between China and the United States — and the trade war that preceded it — have... [Read More]
Indigenous land rights are under attack around the world. [Read More]
In the inaugural episode of the TechTank podcast, Nicol Turner Lee, Rashawn Ray, and Tom Wheeler discuss how technology influences racial discrimination. [Read More]
Amid COVID, criminal hearings have gone virtual. This poses serious challenges that threaten the integrity of court proceedings and harms society's most vulnerable. [Read More]
The authors of a new reports on universal voting answer questions from viewers of their live event. Should Election Day be a national holiday? Would... [Read More]
In the newest installment of "More or Less: Debating America's Role in the World," David M. Rubinstein fellow at Brookings Lindsey Ford and Distinguished Fellow at... [Read More]
In this blog post, researchers show that there is room for Congress to improve the triggers under current law that turn on and maintain the Unemployment... [Read More]
While Pakistan has brought new coronavirus cases and deaths under control in the past month, the pandemic's aftershocks have weakened the country's current civilian government,... [Read More]
Studies in this week's Hutchins Roundup find that PPP loans increased businesses' likelihood of survival, but didn't always make it to the right businesses, charter... [Read More]
The paper provides the first evidence on an unmentioned cost of U.S. medical marijuana liberalization imposed by investors in the capital market. [Read More]
How advances in artificial intelligence could improve tax policy. [Read More]
Anthony F. Pipa and Max Bouchet detail what the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed about global city-to-city cooperation. [Read More]
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