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The button could have activated a fire-suppression system, but no one interviewed during the investigation knew where it was or even what it did. [Read More]
China brought the first moon samples to Earth since 1976. They're lava remnants from a mysterious volcanic eruption 2 billion years ago. [Read More]
For drivers with good or better credit in Idaho Safeco has the best deals, and American Family offers the best deal for drivers with ... [Read More]
When billionaires were viewed as a group, a study's participants were more likely to be supportive of redistribution measures, such as higher taxes. [Read More]
Biomason's cement-like tiles have the lowest carbon footprint on the market, and H&M Group is aiming to get them into its stores by 2022. [Read More]
The coal sector has been in decline in West Virginia for decades, but it's a powerful force in the state's identity and politics. [Read More]
This is not the first time Kanter has clashed with a foreign leader widely seen as an authoritarian. [Read More]
Insider reporting shows a trail of subcontractors who say they haven't been paid for everything from installing glass to wiring electrical outlets. [Read More]
Imperfect Foods minimized sustainability and busted a unionization effort. Employees say it's no longer the startup Ben Simon and Ben Chesler founded. [Read More]
The lawsuit accuses police in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, of shooting 32-year-old Isiah Brown without cause. [Read More]
Compliable supplies technology to simplify the sports-gambling licensing process, and counts FanDuel and Sporttrade among its clients. [Read More]
Ferrara Candy, which produces Sweet Tarts, Nerds, as well as Brach's Candy Corn, does not anticipate the hack will impact the availability of its Halloween... [Read More]
Tesla's sales are accelerating rapidly, but its massive share of the total electric-car market is dropping as other brands enter the space. [Read More]
Daniel Edlin, a Duke grad and close friend of Elizabeth Holmes' brother, was the most damaging witness yet for the Theranos founder's defense. [Read More]
Deutsche Bank employees were called back to the office on September 27. The bank plans to bring in 500 people a week to its new... [Read More]
The poll worker who received the prize said he was told he only received the minimum reward as larger ones were reserved for "bigger fish." [Read More]
Manchin made the comment to reporters after denying a Wednesday report that said he was considering switching parties. [Read More]
Southwest Airlines canceled over 2,000 flights and left thousands of passengers stranded as it tried to get back on track earlier in October. [Read More]
Northwestern University's endowment just posted a 42% return. Investment chief Amy Falls is now looking to hedge funds to protect against inflation. [Read More]
Americans seem to be facing shortages at every turn. Here's everything you need to know about what's causing the supply-chain crisis. [Read More]
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