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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Donald Trump claimed he would be arrested on Tuesday, but the grand jury is still expected to sit again later this week. [Read More]
The character of war is fundamentally changing, Gen. Mark Milley said in a recent podcast, and it's "being driven by technology." [Read More]
Some historians are alarmed by Trump's choice to hold his first rally in Waco on the 30th anniversary of the Branch Davidian siege. [Read More]
Ongoing ecommerce growth is pushing payment providers to make efficient and inexpensive digital payment solutions their top priority. [Read More]
Users talking to Google's Bard can expect fearless rebellion from the AI bot, which criticized its own creator over a legal dispute with the DOJ. [Read More]
The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a small smart display with Alexa. While it functions as a smart alarm clock, its small screen leaves a... [Read More]
DeSantis faces a fraught choice over how to confront Trump over the indictment as he's expected to challenge him for the GOP nomination. [Read More]
Some founders were disheartened by investors' advice on what to do with their money in SVB and other actions they took during the crisis. [Read More]
Silicon Valley Bank spent decades building trust and relationships with Silicon Valley tech startups. But a Twitter panic took the bank down in days. [Read More]
YouTube creator Taki Udon said his video was used as an ad without his permission, pointing to YouTube's ad tools as the problem. [Read More]
Amazon's lax job-posting process contributed to over hiring during boom times, a leaked internal document says. Now it's conducting layoffs. [Read More]
Russia said Putin's videotaped late-night meeting with residents was "spontaneous," but a woman can be heard shouting, "it's all for show!" [Read More]
Affirm announced it is shutting down operations in Australia, meaning Peloton owners in the country would no longer have to pay off their equipment. [Read More]
We forecast that the US point-of-sale (POS) terminal installed base will grow from 17.3 million this year to 20.2 million in 2026. [Read More]
If Trump is indicted, Democrats hope Biden will keep his response as boring as possible. "Let Trump steep in his own juices," one consultant said. [Read More]
After years of trying to attract and placate workers amid a labor shortage, employers are reasserting their power. Call it the "Great Reclamation." [Read More]
Morgan Stanley upgraded Meta stock to overweight and raised its price target to $250 from $190. [Read More]
"We lived in a bubble, in a dream, and this dream in a bubble is bursting and is turning into an economic and a financial... [Read More]
A new database created by the Eviction Lab at Princeton University ranks metro areas by how restrictive their housing and zoning policies are. [Read More]
Amid economic uncertainty, payments providers are making meaningful shifts to digitize and innovate. [Read More]
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