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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
After the LunaUSD and Celsius debacle, a crypto VC who manages a $1.4 billion fund says these tokens are the most attractive investment opportunity. [Read More]
The US says the owner of the Amadea is Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, who's been sanctioned by the US, the European Union, and the UK. [Read More]
"I'm appalled that you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election," said Kari Lake, touting a baseless voert fraud... [Read More]
Despite being more likely to have done unpaid work experience, Black and South Asian women in the UK waited longer to secure a first job. [Read More]
For years, Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport ranked among the worst airports in the world, but it's recently undergone a series of upgrades. [Read More]
The fund wants to increase the volume of former founders investing in Europe's early-stage-startup ecosystem. [Read More]
The summer travel season has been marked by flight delays and chaos across the industry as demand returns to pre-pandemic levels. [Read More]
Ramzan Kadyrov said on Telegram that he would assemble battalions comprising an "impressive number of personnel" to "replenish" Moscow's forces. [Read More]
Some Republicans who campaigned against abortion now believe the issue will help Democrats this November. They want to talk about something else. [Read More]
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a double crater on the moon from a spacecraft impact. So far, no country has taken responsibility. [Read More]
Amtrak confirmed a passenger train carrying over 240 people on board collided with a dump truck on Monday. The company said some people are injured. [Read More]
To accurately determine the fossils' age, researchers analyzed particles from outer space in the rocks the bones were discovered in. [Read More]
You can restore tabs in Google Chrome right after closing, using the tool bar, or by going to the browser history page. [Read More]
Judge Andrew Stone issued the directive on Tuesday in response to a lawsuit filed by the state's Planned Parenthood and the ACLU chapter. [Read More]
Filmmaker Alex Holder told The Independent that members of the Trump family were unconcerned that their post-election rhetoric might incite violence. [Read More]
Gov. Tony Evers' comments come after several state and local officials said they would not enforce Wisconsin's 173-year-old law banning abortion. [Read More]
"I commend him for having the courage to do his job," Harris told Dana Bash in an interview with CNN. [Read More]
Shelley Lynn Thornton, the woman whose conception sparked the 1973 landmark case, told ABC News that she's "concerned" for what lies ahead. [Read More]
ShopRite employee Daniel Gill's release came after Giuliani called for him to be locked up, claiming that the slap on his back might have killed... [Read More]
A co-founder at Twin Brook Capital Partners has been accused of sexual assault and battery in an ongoing but previously unreported lawsuit. The firm's parent... [Read More]
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