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Martha Stewart, OG of lifestyle branding, is now the latest celebrity with a CBD line. [Read More]
You can now buy weed out of a vending machine at certain dispensaries in Colorado, America's oldest market for recreational cannabis. [Read More]
The CBD craze has mellowed out, but economics are working in consumers' favor. CBD products have gotten cheaper, and it looks like they'll stay that... [Read More]
that's a horrible number... [Read More]
In 2016, the US election resulted in a green wave as cannabis legalization measures passed in eight out of nine states. [Read More]
The wildfire is one of at least 27 blazes currently burning in the state, where 26 people have died and 6,100 structures have been destroyed... [Read More]
A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter. [Read More]
President Donald Trump repeatedly boasted to journalist Bob Woodward about the number of judges he has appointed to the federal bench during several of their... [Read More]
(CNN Business)Bill Gates is frustrated by the way coronavirus testing is behind handled in the United States."Even today, people don't get their results in 24... [Read More]
Matthew Wolff can carve his name into golfing history on Sunday after the 21-year-old took the third round lead at the US Open after a... [Read More]
Days after Sen. Ted Cruz was included on President Donald Trump's new list of potential Supreme Court nominees, the Texas Republican says that he does... [Read More]
Bill Gates is frustrated by the way coronavirus testing is behind handled in the United States. [Read More]
they're using technology more than ever. It's not just online banking applications. These days, people are relying on tech for everything from investing to financial... [Read More]
The pandemic has changed how people are managing their money — they're using technology more than ever. That's good news for "fintech" firms that make... [Read More]
the real history, not the fake history."In a Constitution Day speech earlier this month, Trump attacked the New York Times' 1619 Project, the Pulitzer Prize-winning... [Read More]
the real history, not the fake history." President Trump in August issued an executive order requiring the sale of TikTok by ByteDance, its Chinese parent... [Read More]
"The news media needs to cover voting as much or more than it covers the rest of the campaign," says Leonard Downie, Jr., former executive... [Read More]
Brian Stelter asks reporters in London, Mumbai, and Nairobi how the American political crisis looks from abroad. "It's very Orweillian," John-Allan Namu says, "how authoritarianism... [Read More]
Julie Cohen, co-director of the documentary 'RBG,' says Ruth Bader Ginsburg "tried to stand for and symbolize greater principles -- the rule of law, civility... [Read More]
"Coronavirus denialism continues to have deadly and destabilizing consequences," Brian Stelter says. He shows how right-wing media outlets ran with a misleading story about a... [Read More]
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